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Happy Birthday…

I received a message from WordPress today to say I have been blogging now for 4 years – I can hardly believe it has been so long and I have enjoyed every minute, especially getting to know such a wonderful and supportive community, many of whom have become firm friends over the years.  So thank you to all my followers and readers – I am continually amazed that anyone is interested to read about my daily life and its ups and downs!

Have a good week everyone.

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday…”

    1. Happy New Year and a productive one! I have just read your new post and it seems like we have both lost a friend and had a few difficult months. I have been away from blogland far too much myself this year but I am always heartened by the fact that the blogging community are there to welcome you back. x

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  1. I have just found your blog (Dec2016) by following a link form another one but it seems to have stopped in Jan this year. Have you move or changed your blog title? Sue


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