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home and away…

We came back from our jolly hols in Scotland yesterday.  It has been a mixture of hard work in our cottage garden interspersed with a little relaxation and the odd trip out (or two) – more news on this another day.



As I have been away from my blog for what seems like a lifetime I have a bit of catching up to do as well as filling regular readers in on just what has been happening over here and just where the journey has taken me recently.  But not all at once – this is merely to check in and say hi – hope you are all well and enjoying the summer.





I know tomorrow when I return to work I will hit the ground running.  I seriously wish I could leave now – all though I do love my job it has begun to take over my life and there are so many things I want to do whilst I still can.  I have lost all control on our finances and I have a heap of receipts to deal with.  Luckily the bills are always taken care of so I need not worry too much about missing a payment but I do like to balance my statements and know where my money has been spent.

Having said that I did arrive home yesterday to a letter from Yorkshire Water saying we had not paid them.  For some reason when we had the meter installed last year I thought we had switched to direct debit but it appears not and I should have reset the standing order in April.

My other mail was an assortment of the usual marketing junk, voting papers for building societies and bank statements which I still get on paper; hidden amongst the pile was my most recent issue of Country Living so that brought a smile to my face and eased the pain of dealing with all the rest.

I spent most of today unpacking – funny that it seems to take longer to unpack than pack – but  because it was hot during the two weeks we were away and the rented cottage we stayed in had a washing machine most of the clothes I took came back clean and could just go straight into the drawers leaving only two or three small loads of washing to do which I did manage to get outside and dry on the line before the heavens opened.


Now I only have the really dirty gardening clothes to wash but these will have to have a pre-soak as we have both spent the best part of the fortnight scrambling around in the undergrowth.  The cottage may still be in a dire need of repair but the garden has certainly sprung to life and become even more vigorous since the flood  – all that fertiliser washing down over the fields I expect.  I don’t suppose there are many people who take their gardening outfits on holiday LoL!!  I should really splash out on some designer gear – something a little more special than Sainsbury’s own t-shirts and stretchy jeans.  Perhaps Joanna Lumley takes her gardening clothes when she holidays at her cotttage up the road from us!

My travel items have been sorted, refilled and repacked ready for our next visit and what my long-suffering hubby calls ‘the mobile library’ that we take is back on the book shelves – this consists of three bags full of a variety of gardening books and note books just in case I need to know the best place for a plant or need some design inspiration.  Of course since the flood we have to take everything up and down with us now unless it will keep in the garage – but usually this is just the gardening tools that we store in there as it is a bit too damp for most things.

Annoyingly I have found that the mice quite like to eat gardening gloves and shred my green kneeling pad to bits to build their nests so I have to hide them in a drawer!

I am now in the throes of planning out July.  I have a few appointments – hair, eyes, mammogram and one to make for a massage using my mother’s day token.  I have a few birthdays and anniversaries; my sister-in-law, myself, a couple of friends and our wedding anniversary.  I desperately need to go shopping for clothes and shoes  – a combination of a little excess weight acquired during our last few months of very unhealthy eating and having a big clear out leaving me with very little to wear!  We desperately need to buy a new computer and shredder too.  Part of my lack of posting has been down to the temperament of my computer which is on a go slow at present and nothing we do will make it get a move on not even the threat of a new one.

Luckily it is only time not money that prevents me from buying one.  The good thing about working all hours is there is no time to shop so you spend very little whilst all the extra overtime money builds up.

Well I have written more than I thought – my aim is to keep it short and sweet and try to make an hour for blogging whenever I can.

Back to crazy world tomorrow – must get some sleep in.


12 thoughts on “home and away…”

  1. Glad to hear what you’ve been doing! It sounds like the garden will come back better than ever. Great photos – looks like you’ve had some good weather. Have a good summer, and I look forward to hearing more!


  2. Lovely to see you back! And glad you made progress in the garden which is looking lovely. I hope you get a good sleep tonight and work isn’t too overwhelming….


    1. Work is my biggest commitment at the moment and there is no light at the end of the tunnel yet. I am about to hit the shops tomorrow – I haven’t bought a single item of summer wear yet and we desperately need a new computer. Thank you again for your hospitality and of course the wonderful picture. I loved your house and garden and it was a pleasure to meet you both I will always be able to look at my picture and remember our trip to Dunoon and the afternoon we spent together.


  3. Lovely to see a post from you. Hope all has gone well with work on the cottage, it must have been so lovely to meet Freda too, while you were in Scotland. Sarah x


    1. It was a delightful afternoon spent with Freda. Her house and garden are in the most enchanting place. I would recomend any blogger to go and see her wonderful paintings and she will certainly look after you with tea and cake.


  4. I was wondering where you had been! Those blue skies look glorious in the photos as does your cottage garden. I hope you get to enjoy the rest of summer and not overload yourself with work. x


  5. I think you’re doing very well indeed in the circumstances! We have a very busy couple of months at this time every year and I barely manage to cope, even though I should have time to plan accordingly and don’t have half the excuses you have! Anyway, hope everything comes along smoothly for you and you find there are enough hours in the day. Have a lovely summer x


  6. It sounds like a lovely mix of work and play at the cottage. How interesting to read that your garden, eventually, benefited from the flood. Still lots to do I’m sure, but congratulations on coming so far.


  7. I can see why you’re torn with work and other things in life. The photos are beautiful. I feel similar with work. It’s been enjoyable and funded my life but it has taken over. And there are things I want to do, especially now that weekends I spend recovering, resting and getting my energy back. Can’t sustain both busy weekends and busy working week anymore.


    1. I know exactly how you feel. If I were in my twenties again I would find this period I am going through at work really challenging in a productive sense – but all I keep thinking now is what I might be doing if I had retired at 60!! All I can do at the moment is keep going and hope it will all get better.


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