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just for Lucinda…

Since Lucinda over at Lucinda Sans has been back at home she has been posting about her wonderful sightseeing trip of London.  I made a comment on one of her posts link here.

I said I rather liked the regal crowns on top of the old gas lamps and that I thought I should perhaps display my Hubby’s Scottish crest and motto above our doorway like some of her photos portrayed.

My hubby’s family are Scottish and while his father’s father and mother came from Kent his mother’s side are full Scottish descendants of the Kerr clan.  Their clan motto is Sero Sed Serio ‘Late, but in Earnest’ and there is a coat of arms, a crest with a smiley sun as well as a tartan, (images taken from Google).

Lucinda asked me about the origins of the motto Sero Sed Serio which originated at the Battle of Ancrum Moor, near Jedburgh, in 1545.  The story of this can be found here Lucinda –

The other notable fact of the Kerr clan is that they are predominately left-handed and their castles often reflected this with staircases winding round in the opposite direction to normal.

Just in case you wondered – neither my mother-in-law, nor my hubby or our offspring are left-handed!


Have a Good Friday x

7 thoughts on “just for Lucinda…”

  1. I just read a book about researching family history (one person’s story) and I am trying to stave off getting that bug myself because I already have a lot of info, and I don’t want it to take up all my time! I have one ancestor who was a McIntyre (yes with an “Mc”), but otherwise no heraldry!


    1. My brother has done ours on both sides – he has a blog where he writes about and records all his trips to places in search of information and the discoveries he makes and through that other people with the same family names have contacted him and he has had some quite good leads. I think you would enjoy doing it.


  2. Well, that explains it then. Thought it would have to be something to do with a battle. Not an ounce of Scottish in me, but I’m still stealing the motto. (I am left-handed, so maybe there’s some sort of connection?!)


  3. I love the motto! (and the smiley face!) And the uniqueness of the staircases being custom made to suit! It is on my ‘retirement’ list to get totally obsessed with family history. We have lots of info in the family but various mysteries that still need to be tracked down.


    1. My brother is doing my side of the family and a relative of my hubbys has done his dads side but we have still to find out more about the Kerr line on his mums true Scottish line. Something for our retirement.


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