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simplifying the house – declutter day 2…

Back again for day 2

Today with Kondo book in hand I intended tackling my clothes – maybe not all the clothes – we will see how it goes.

To get this over with I will say it now – I am starting not with my Tops but with my underwear, tights etc.

Arghhh – Did I hear another gasp – what is this woman thinking – is she mad –  it says clearly in the book Start With Tops.

And yes I know I read that bit too but I do like to begin as I would get dressed – it makes perfect sense to me.  I must say I was rather disappointed that there are no further details for dealing with underwear in the book, only the so called ‘potato socks’.   I think it leaves a novice tidier a bit at sea here – they are not easy shaped garments to fold, display or contain.  Maybe this is why we have to begin with tops for the practice so that when we are eventually challenge by a pair of knickers we will instantly know how to toss them into shape.

For this reason I prefer some of the methods in a book by Elika Gibbs –  Practical Princess Perfect Wardrobe – Declutter and re-jig your wardrobe to transform your life.  Yet another author claiming to change my life for the better.  I  just fell in love with the beautiful photography in this book – page after page of organised, colour co-ordinated clothes in out of this world closets and a lingerie drawer to die for.  I find this book quite inspirational. 

Now I know French women take great care with their lingerie – unlike most English women I’m told they only ever wear matching sets even if just popping to the Co-op for a pint of milk.  They dress as if they are going to be seen in their underwear – well you never know – always be prepared.

So with this in mind I am going through my smalls with the intention of ditching the mis-matched, throwing out the tatty and flinging the faded.  But to begin with everything out on the bed (I cannot do the floor as I do not have enough of it).

Underwear socks tights



These are my favourite matching sets and they are reasonably new and definite keepers.

Keepers underwear sets



These are a bit past their sell by dates and will need replacing as I always need some paler unpatterned sets for under pale coloured tops.

To be replaced



This is the going out pile -items that do not fit well or too old.

Throw out pile



So putting it all back together I decided to do away with the Ikea compartments and try organising the drawer in a different way.

This is my underwear drawer before…

Underwear before

and after -with Bras on the left  and…


matching briefs on the right


I much prefer this  – I can see everything at a glance and most importantly it avoids endless knicker folding!

I will let you know if it works for me.

Underwear drawer

I then used the Ikea compartments in the bottom drawer for my tights, socks and leggings. It makes more sense to keep these together as before they span over 3 drawers, mainly because I kept jeans and leggings together.  I am going to hang my jeans creating more drawer space. I wear a lot of black tights for work so these are just in a pile rather than on edge and I always buy the same black socks so there is never a problem with pairing.  The white socks – out of picture – are also all the same and I only use these after a pedicure to give the foot cream chance to soak in overnight.

Tights socks and leggings

Another job done and surprisingly after the rearranging and tossing I am left with 2 completely empty drawers although I cannot believe I have just put these pictures of my undies all over the internet!!  At least they are all clean and neat!

Now I will add the required replacements to my shopping list for another day and next time maybe I will tackle my tops.


9 thoughts on “simplifying the house – declutter day 2…”

  1. Following instructions when it goes against our common sense is hard. I didn’t think about cleaning my underwear drawer out. Where was my mind. I really need to get ride of some and purchase some new. This will be my project for next week. 🙂


    1. I never mind doing my toiletries and underwear drawers – not keen on decluttering the rest of the clothes as it can be hard to decide what to keep or what is to go. I have a busy week next week so may not even get to do the rest of clothes for a few days. However, I am pleased with the bit I have done.


  2. When ever I de-clutter, I start with clothing and drawers first, followed by books, bathroom, kitchen and two desks. Happily, I’ve not brought a lot in to replace what went and the place is quite tidy. Now, if I could only simplify the rest of my life…Thanks for sharing your photos.


  3. I like how you’ve done the tights and socks drawer. I will do the same. Coming up to winter here, so I wear tights and my drawer is a mess. Not sure about the bra and undies though. I don’t wear matching. I only like cotton undies and buy multiples of black and white ones. I went through a phase of buying matching sets but found the lace and materials itchy. And then I found a bra that fits me perfectly and makes me look years younger (if you get my meaning) so I bought them in bulk in different colours. Makes grabbing undergarments much easier.


    1. The bra and undies drawer I find is the hardest – not easy shapes and I don’t have time to fold knickers – but I do iron them. I am adding to my matching sets with a plain white and skin toned T shirt bras to which I will buy plain white and skin toned pants – these I will wear when at home cleaning and gardening. However, on thepositive side I have found wearing pretty underwear makes me feel good – I tend to wear them for work and going out – I can see where the French are coming from but it does take a bit of persistance to find something that both fits well and doesn’t irritate. I like your system of black and white for quickness. I will keep everyone posted on how the undies drawer progresses!

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