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A slow Saturday and a Sunday sprint…

We spent a lovely day just outside Masham on Saturday having a celebratory lunch with my hubby’s sister and her new husband (although they have been together for more than twenty some years)!  Both my daughters and their partners and of course baby L. joined us and we sat and chatted all afternoon then went along to my daughters shop (also in Masham) for a look around.  It changes every time I go – new pieces of furniture and a new selection of goods – at the moment it is all Christmas items.

Birdhouse Interiors

I can’t help thinking that this is how all Saturdays should be spent – just sitting and being and enjoying.

But then on Sunday I had to dash around like a mad thing of course to make up for lost time!

 In the morning I checked over our finances, entering receipts and balancing accounts.

This year I have been trying to simplify our finances as well as our living space but unfortunately I do not feel this is happening as far as the finances are concerned and if anything I am under the impression that they are getting more complicated.

Each time I think I have got the energy accounts sorted and under control again I find that the supplier messes up once more!  Hubby is on the phone now at 8.40pm after waiting 40 minutes already to speak to someone.

Who was it had the brilliant idea of privatising these companies and has it really made our bills any cheaper or our lives just shorter due to the stress experienced dealing with them!!

All year I have been keeping a note of my cash spending – well most of it – once or twice I have been too busy to keep track and I know I have definitely overspent the £10 budget and at times even a £20 a week budget.  This is always due to lack of time – some nights after getting home from work it is either check my finances and record the days spending or cook the tea and eat.   There are no prizes for guessing which of the two jobs wins.

I think it is too late now for this year to get back on track again but I will be in a better starting place next year and I love starting afresh in January.

As far as Xmas plans go – I can say that I haven’t really made many yet – we have most weekends spoken for now and I have managed to send out our Not so Secret Santa wish lists and rules to the family ready for the big name draw on Friday.

Other than that I have not made or even bought any Christmas cards yet or made my Christmas cake and Nut loaf but I am still hopeful that I will have time – I have already been thinking of ideas for the card and I really enjoyed doing the lino cut last year and once done it is so easy to run off any amount.

As we are simplifying the gift giving within the family by choosing to do a Secret Santa the amount of gifts I need to buy for my colleagues at work seems to be growing each year – the group I buy for has now reached six people.  Each year someone else surprises me with a gift and I feel obliged to return the pleasure!

How are your Christmas plans coming along?





9 thoughts on “A slow Saturday and a Sunday sprint…”

  1. We’ll be popping over to the shop in Masham, ideal little tootle. family here for Christmas Day – cards – I am using some photographs taken of the village in snow!I’ll be sharing ofcourse! lol!


  2. Every year I try to simplify more and more. I’m declining a handful of party invitations, realizing that I don’t really enjoy them. It’s been liberating. I’m not much for idle chit chat. I find that parties with large groups sap my energy. I tend to overeat as well and who needs that?

    We keep our family gift-giving simple. Now that my boys are teenagers, the Santa years are behind us. I miss it on some levels (loved that magic) but it is a lot less work.

    I love that it’s snowing on your blog as I type this. That’s such a fun WordPress feature. Best of luck with the reset of the new year.


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