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A Grand Day Out…

I had this post almost ready to publish way back in June before I disappeared ‘off air’ for a while – so I thought I may as well carry on and publish it now.

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Last weekend we spent with my mum near Yarm.  Saturday was such a lovely day we decided to go back to Eggleston Hall near Barnard Castle now one of our firm favourites after our visit last year.  On the way we saw a sign for Laurels cafe and turned off the A67 into the village of Gainford.  We stopped here for coffee and crumpets – the owner was so welcoming and the food delicious we were sorry that we were not having lunch here too – but we will make a note for another day.  The reason for the name Laurels Cafe is because Stan Laurel was a pupil here when the house was a private school.  Afterwards we had a walk around the pretty village and then went on to Eggleston.

I bought a stunning Clematis from the nursery in pale lilac which is now growing strong in my garden at home and contrasts well with the deep velvety purple of a smaller flowered variety called Guiding Promise growing beside it.  The Hydrangea Paniculata I bought from them last year survived the flood at the cottage and has flowered so profusely I have had to prop each of the heavy heads up with canes.



2 thoughts on “A Grand Day Out…”

  1. I remember really enjoying a visit we made to Eggleston Hall a few years ago now, when we were staying near Barnard Castle. It was around the time that the lady of the house was appearing in a TV programme called Ladettes to Ladies. We didn’t know what to say when she served us in the shop. We kept teasing our daughter that we’d send her there so that she could be ladyfied. I remember loving the nursery. A beautiful part of the country.


    1. We have yet to explore Barnard Castle itself – it seems an interesting place with lots of small independent shops but we always spend so long at Eggleston Hall that the shops are always closing by the time we pass through Barnard Castle! I remember the Ladettes to Ladies programme. My neighbour has connections with the owners of the hall and gets to go and stay there – so lucky.


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