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Just an update…

and to say Hi everyone…I finally made it back to my computer and as you may have guessed by my absence life has not got any easier for me recently what with my bad back and now stiff neck – although they are on the mend I am trying not to spend hours bent over the computer.

As well as this my family keep me busier than ever, we have spent some weekends at my daughters decorating the nursery for our future grandchild which is due in July, as well as making the curtains.  We have had another trip to Shrewsbury to see my mum-in-law and this weekend we go off again to Yarm to visit my mum.

Over the Spring Bank holiday we had a visit to our cottage in Scotland for the big clear up now the roofers have finished.  We spent hours picking out tiny bits of slate from the gravel beds and borders around the cottage (something a bit of fore-thought and a sheet of black plastic might have avoided)!   There was plenty of sweeping up as well as clearing out the garage so that we could safely keep the rest of the slates under cover until we can return the ones we do not need to the merchant.

We didn’t have time for any gardening in fact we had a day out on the Sunday being hubby’s birthday and we ended up across the bay on the Machars (we are on the South Rhins) visiting some of the Artists Open Studios as part of the Spring Fling event.  I will post these pictures another day – in the meantime come and have a little stroll around the garden and see the view.

 Candleabra Primulas

The Primulas I planted last year around the pond are beautiful – they were just starting to burst into flower as we left and I am hoping they will go forth and multiply.

Planting Rogersia

Beyond the Primula is a ditch that separates the lower from the upper wood.  I cleared just enough of the weeds to plant my two Rodgersia plants (50p each) and these will be divided in the Autumn or Spring so that they form a drift along the banking and hopefully suppress the weeds – well that is the plan!

The Woodland Garden

This is taken looking in the opposite direction from the banking.

Wild flowers

I like to keep the wild flowers (within reason as they can take over at a rate of knots).   Here is some pretty pink Campion mingled with self seeded ferns and what I think is blue Pulmonaria (but not sure of this) can anyone confirm the name?

Hidden Trough

To my delight I discovered this little eathenware  trough when weeding one day.  The plant growing around it is creeping Campanula and will soon be covered in a mass of  purple blue flowers for the summer.

Cottage border

This is part of my dry border under the large Pine Trees.  It can be a bit hit and miss finding things that like to grow here.  You can see the leaves of various Agapanthus – they love it hot and dry so are well suited.  The bright orange flowers are Geums and goodness knows what those hundreds of little seedlings are beside them.  I expect I will soon find out on my next visit.

Daisy Path

This is the Daisy path – we always leave it as long as we can before we have to strim it as I love this natural look.


My little terracotta plant pot now gathering moss inside – it is like a mini nature table.

Cloud formation

We had glorious weather over the bank holiday and I captured one or two atmospheric pictures across the bay.

Cloud Formation 2   The cloud formation passing over was quite fascinating and there was hardly any difference between the silvery blue colour of the water and sky.

Evening across the bay

This was taken one very calm evening – the little boat out on the water is the Lobster Pot man checking his cages – probably seeing if he has any supper!

  Porch window view

Looking out of the window from our tumble-down porch on the seaside side we are sheltered by the Privet hedge and have a lovely uninterrupted view of the bay.

Seaside garden

At the moment this part of the garden is mostly covered in black plastic to keep the weeds down but I am hoping to start planting here soon with Coastal plants which for me will make a change from the woodland plants on the other side of the cottage.

Tree Crossing Road

Just thought I would include this picture – we had to stop on our way into town one day for a tree crossing the road!

I have to go now and do a bit of catching up with everyone again – please excuse any lack of comments in the past couple of weeks – no doubt life will calm down a bit soon.  Have a great week everyone.


25 thoughts on “Just an update…”

  1. Lovely to see a post from you again.and glad you are on the mend. I always enjoy seeing images from around your cottage, the pictures across the bay are fantastic. Sarah x


  2. I’m sorry to hear you are still have difficulties – I was hoping they were long since over and you were just busy with the cottage! But you certainly have been busy despite it all. I love your floral and green landscape. Is your property on a bay that is somewhat protected from the wind, or on the open ocean?


    1. It is a wide bay with almost no protection – these pictures are on a calm day when it is bad we ger serious winds and sea spray. It can look as if someone has sprayed all the trees and shrubs with weed killer with the salt laden winds.


  3. Your place looks beautiful – I well know all the work that goes in to maintaining such big beds. We’ve been lucky enough to employ a friend’s teen son to help with the weeding and mulching if beds around the farm this year. He works for a few hours a couple of times a week and the occasional Sunday. The place is starting to shape up nicely. And thanks to him, next year’s clean up should be easier too.

    I hope you continue to improve and feel better.


  4. Such wonderful photos. I bet your heart sinks just a little when you drive away each time 😦

    One thing I have never had to stop for on the road is a tree crossing!!


  5. You have such a beautiful garden and I love the daisy path. Could the blue flower be Borage? Borage has prickly leaves that smell of cucumber! I hope that this hectic phase of life calms down for you soon. x


  6. I love the daisy path! We used to holiday as children in the village of Monreith – it’s a lovely part of Scotland, and your garden is beautiful.


  7. I’m joining in the chorus of “isn’t that so beautiful!” It must be restorative to the soul to visit?

    Our government keeps changing the retirement age – if their new changes get through, I’ll be 70.


    1. It seems so unfair raising the retirement age when there are so many people without a job here – we will all be enjoying our retirement on zimmer frames at this rate. I have no objection to carrying on working if that is what someone prefers but I would like some me time – I have spent a lot of my life bringing up my family and looking after elderly relations when do I get a break?


  8. It all looks lush and beautiful. Your plans have produced wonderful results.

    Congratulations on your soon-to-be grandmother status. Exciting times ahead.

    I love, love, love that daisy path. What a joy to walk along that path to your charming gate.


    1. Thank you for your message – we are fine just had a few ‘events’ which have been quite time consuming – you will read all about it – I have just done a post after all this time! Hope you are good too – I have been having a quick catch up on everyone – I have missed you all so much. x


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