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A Perfect Sunday…

We woke up to heavenly blue skies, warm sunshine and just enough breeze to gently dry the washing.

Washing Line

I took the opportunity of washing everything in sight, including those once in a while items like the mattress and pillow protectors


and one of my homemade quilts as part of my ongoing Spring Clean…

 but now I have the ironing pile from hell to negotiate!

I spent quite a bit of time tidying and cleaning in the house even though I actually longed to be in the garden – but I am being really good so I don’t over strain my back again at the moment.

The mountain of lotions and potions are beginning to stack up like the ironing! Back Aids

Hubby spent most of the day in the garden – cutting grass, trimming edges and generally tidying up.

  After all our hard work tea was an impromptu Al Fresco affair making the most of the good weather and

Al Fresco

listening to a chorus of birsong.   The flowers beds are coming into bloom now –  Aquilegia with their nodding heads


 drifts of pure white Honesty…


and Tulips slowly fading to a delicate pink.

Pink Tulips

Even the unwanted visitors didn’t spoil our day.

Unwanted visitors


How was your weekend?






18 thoughts on “A Perfect Sunday…”

  1. I bet it felt good to get all that washing done. I try to cram in as many loads as I can when the weather’s nice too. Dining outside sounds lovely! We hear a lot of birds during the day, but it turns into a bug and frog show at night 🙂


    1. Finding a good day to wash the usual bedding is difficult but when I need to do all the protectors and quilts and an electric blanket – that needs an really good drying day.
      PS not keen on the frog bit – I wish I could like them but I have a thing about reptile like creatures!


  2. I loved this post. Beautiful photos of your enjoyable and productive day. I’m glad to hear you didn’t over do it. I’ve been guilty of that, and my back always takes the worst of it.

    We had a little ceremony dedicated our Little Free Library this weekend. It was fun, but I’m tuckered out.


    1. Yes I saw your video – did you do that looks like a lot of work but very entertaining. I presume that was you speaking – your hair is longer?
      I love the idea of your free library and the little house is just so cute though I suspect not big enough!


      1. Thank you. I used a combination of iPhone, You Tube and a subscription called Animoto.

        My husband took the video with my phone (9 minutes long), but I can only insert 10 second clips. I figure that is plenty given how boring speeches can be.

        That photo is a few years old. I’ve been growing out my hair. Good observation. I should get some new pics.


  3. We had a great weekend – a tootle to York on the motorbike followed by a sensational steak (hubby cooking) on the BBQ, Sunday – tootle over to Scarborough! Oh and a quiche to die for – healthy too – check out my blog! Hope the pain is easing xxxx Do take care.


    1. York and Scarborough sounds fun. On Saturday we had a trip to Masham to see very pregnant daughter. We were indoors all day helping to decorate the Nursery and missed the good weather but it was a nice day.


  4. Gorgeous flowers. I especially love the Aquilegia. We don’t have them here. Your lunch looks so yummy and so summery.

    Hope the creams give you relief? Quite a collection! I don’t use creams. Touch wood, I won’t have a next time, as my back has been good for several weeks now. Some anti-inflammatory painkillers give me relief when needed and some, which the doctor tells me are much the same, don’t work at all. Another strange fact in dealing with back pain.


    1. I can’t take anti-inflamatory tablets they make me sick and I get a rash but I can tolerate the Ibuprofen gel rubbed on. The other items are homeopathic / herbal which I tend to use over prescribed medication which always seem to have bad side effects with me.


  5. So pretty: the lilacs are just starting to bud here in Vermont. And I think everyone loves the smell of laundry dried in the sun!


  6. Nice productive weekend and your meal looks yummy! We call the Aquilegia “columbines.” With our late Spring, the flowers are slow to come out, but I finally have my grape hyacinths (muscari) and my favourite, checkerboard lilies (fritillaria).


    1. You are quite behind us then – we are well into early summer now and everything coming out at once. I swear a plant grew 6″ last Sunday in our garden. Columbines a favourite name over here too and also nicknamed Granny’s Bonnet.


  7. Your blog is beautiful. I enjoyed all the photos on your post and especially the quilts. I love quilts but have never attempted one. I look forward to exploring your other posts soon.
    Thanks for the follow.


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