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Back home again…


Hi everyone I’m back.

It is strange going away in the middle of one month and coming back the next I feel quite disoriented and still do not know what the day or date is properly without looking at the calendar. I can see why some retired folk say they don’t appreciate when it is a weekend anymore.

So you may be asking how was the holiday…did we have good weather and did we get lots done on the cottage and in the garden?…did we manage to buy the paint from Homebase before we went?…most of all did we have a great time and have a good rest?

Well, it was not the holiday of our dreams I can say that – all was going well over the Easter weekend – lots of sunshine and we made the most of it both going out and gardening until on Easter Monday when I slipped on the concrete edge of our pond and went down with a bang injuring my back (yes my second accident this year and I haven’t even taken the crutches back yet from the previous accident to my foot!)I spent the rest of the week in agony and often flat on my back until I got to see an Osteopath on the following Monday and during the week he manipulated things back into place enough for me to travel down home to England this last Monday with a sick note for a few days and strict instructions not to garden, lift or even try any exercises yet.

Poor hubby had to do all the meals and gardening as well as supervise the re-roofing.

All I could do was watch the plants and weeds grow and lay there listening to audio books and thinking… I did quite a lot of thinking.

I actually discovered that thinking can be quite therapeutic – and I had plenty of time to think…about what I might like to do and not do and I will no doubt get around to sharing some of this with you over time on my blog, but in general I feel quite glad of this enforced thinking time.

So here are a few snapshots of our Easter break…

I love this picture looking out over Luce Bay when the colour of the sea is almost the same colour as the sky.

Scotland at Easter 2014

Over Luce Bay Easter 2014

When I could sit in the car we had a short trip across the other side of the peninsula to Port Logan Bay below where they made the TV program 200 Acres of Skye.

Port Logan Easter 2014

Port Logan Lighthouse Easter 2014

But to get on with the practical update here are the pictures of our cottage roof being re-roofed.   The slates arrived on time in large crates…

Roof Slates

and the roofers got straight to work removing the old slates…

Cottage roof a

and covering the sarking boards underneath the slates with the breathable membrane now used in place of roofing felt.  Only Scottish roofs have this kind of boarding as English roofs have battens fixed onto the membrane or felt to hang the slates from.  The boards were in pretty good shape and only a few rotten bits had to be cut away and replaced.

Cottage roof 3

Cottage roof 4

Cottage roof 5

Then began the arduous task of re-slating, a back-breaking job, but we supplied plenty of tea and biscuits to help them along…

Cottage roof 6

Cottage roof 7

Then ‘big Harry’ arrived on the scene (their term not ours I must add) to cut the hole in the roof and fit the Velux window.

Velux window in roof

all neatly fitted on the outside but from inside a bit of a hole still remains but that will be another job another day…

Velux from inside

Cottage roof 9

Cottage Roof 12

Cottage roof 11

As soon as two sides were completely slated the zinc corner strips (I have no idea what they are officially called) are put in place.

And there we left it but hopefully it is now complete and watertight.

Below is the garden when we arrived…

Easter 2014

and as we left it had sprung into life with a mass of nodding bells along the woodland walk.

Down in the wood Easter 2014

Woodland Garden Easter 2014 2

Cottage Garden Easter 2014

Cottage Garden Easter 2014 3

Cottage Garden Easter  2 2014

Woodland garden Easter 2014

So that was our holiday – hope you all had a good Easter…and yes we did get the paint and also a mini wooden greenhouse that fits against a wall – more about that soon.

18 thoughts on “Back home again…”

  1. So sorry to hear you were laid up for your vacation! It must not have felt right to watch the work going on that you would ordinarily have supervised and helped with. The roof looks great, and the flowers magical! Maybe you will take some extra enjoyment in everyday life when you are more mobile again!


  2. I hope your back is feeling better now. Thanks you for taking those lovely photos. I love the colours – the flowers, the bright green grass, the sea..even the beautiful grey of the roof!


    1. Hi there and welcome to my blog. I had a peek at yours and will be back later for a good read. Your cottage is gorgeous – I hope ours will get to such a finished state one day. Dinas Cross brings back happy memories for me as we stayed there sometime during the 60’s. I might even be able to find a photo of me at Dinas when I would be about 15 if i do I will put it on my blog! Viv


  3. I’m glad you like our cottage – we’ve worked hard on it but I’m jealous of your lovely woodland garden. I hope you find the photo. I’m looking forward it!


  4. How frustrating to have another accident and you weren’t able to do all you hoped. Your pictures are so lovely and the new roof looks so smart. Sarah x


    1. They are threatening to keep me wrapped in bubble wrap at work so I don’t injure myself again! The osteopaths bills are becomming a bit expensive now good job I have been cutting down on the household bills this year!


  5. Well it’s not everyones’s idea of a holiday, but ‘a change’ as they say… Mind you, it sounds as if your husband is now going to need another holiday to recover from this one.


    1. Shame I get more holiday than him too!! I am making up by doing all the cooking now at home and our new next door neighbour had kindly cut our front lawn whilst we were away – wasn’t that nice of him.


  6. Oh, what a bugger about your fall!!! Hope you’ve followed medical orders and fully rested?

    We don’t have many slate roofs here. I can’t believe how beautiful they make your cottage! And your garden, it’s gorgeous. I want to live there! And the sky melding into the sea, or visa versa, is so peaceful.

    Can’t wait to see more photos.

    As you enjoy your move to summer, I am sitting here in the last month of autumn on our back verandah with a glass of bubbles after a top of 25° (“global warning, what global warming?” our Tory govt says), the sun is setting and it is still warm and the mozzies are out again – in near winter! – they are as confused as me and my plants. No wonder our gardens are not as gorgeous as yours!


    1. I am frustrated at being limited to no gardening or anything involving a lot of bending! Seeing the osteopath again on Monday – he seems to be straightening me out and looking at a few other problems too.
      It is a lovely summers day here again today but here in England it can soon return to very cool temperatures and often we can have very cool wet Junes. I can never get my head around the fact that in other parts of the world you are in a different season! We too have confused plants now as the seasons are beginning to have less clear cut boundaries. Enjoy your bubbles x


      1. And what does my head in is that I make a comment in the evening and you reply as you wake up almost as soon as I comment. Perhaps it is because I am “old school” and I remember my grand trip to the “home country” when phone calls cost a fortune (and were limited to one a week or even longer) and letters where the norm. (Yes, showing my age. Before Internet.)

        Poor plants. Wonder what the long term impacts will be on our flora co-existers on this planet.


  7. What a lovely cottage and a beautiful garden. Sorry to hear about your accident. It’s very frustrating to not be able to do the things you intended, but as you say sometime enforced thinking time can be very useful too.


  8. So sorry to hear that you hurt your back and hope that you are feeling better now. Your cottage is coming along nicely and the garden is gorgeous. Love the new header too! x


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