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Only two more sleeps…

Not long to go now and we will be enjoying a long awaited 2 week break.  It has been such a long time since the Christmas holidays and I am really looking forward to both a rest and a change…and a lie in.  I have positively yawned myself through this week at work a combination of late nights and early mornings when what I actually need right now is early nights and late mornings.

Of course everything happens just as you are preparing for a holiday and the added increase in the amount of tasks to get done both at home and work before you go just adds to the stress levels.  I feel I am being stretched in all directions and my list runs to 5 pages.  Fitting all the different activities and errands together is like trying to sort out one of those Krypton Factor puzzles and make it all fit.

We have a glut of family birthdays to deal with alongside Easter, our new car is being delivered some time this week even though we asked for it to be available after Easter, my tablets have run down to only a weeks supply and we are away for two so I need to renew my prescription, I will have to cook some meals to use up all the food in the fridge and who was it thought a staff conference the week before Easter was a good idea.  On top of that Homebase are having a 15% off everything weekend starting Friday which will include the Farrow and Ball paint we have chosen to use in our house makeover – so we have to make a decision – should we pop down on Friday morning before setting off for Scotland to take advantage of the offer.  What would you do?

Tomorrow evening after work and after the hairdressers is my only time to pack, make Easter eggs for daughter No 1, make a fruit cake and do any final washing and ironing as well as cut the lawn and move the pots of plants and water them.  Something tells me I won’t be posting on my blog before we go!

Have a lovely Easter everyone – I know I will even though we will be re-roofing the cottage for part of the time (well I will just be supervising) that is as long as the roof slates and velux arrive on the right day and the roofer turns up.


8 thoughts on “Only two more sleeps…”

  1. You ask what would you do…Ask someone else to get it? Order it and pay for it by phone and collect it when you return? Check if there is another branch on your way? Hope you have a relaxing break!!


  2. Do Homebase have a ring and reserve service? If so you could do that and as Freda says ask someone else to get it or you can pick it up on your return. Good luck with getting all the things you want to completed before you go. I hope you have a lovely time in Scotland and that the weather is kind! Happy Easter! x


  3. I’m tired just reading that ‘to do’ list. And definitely go for the paint, it’s too good an offer to miss.

    Have a lovely Easter. xx


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