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So much to do and so little time to do it…

…was it Pooh Bear who said that…or was that about eating honey – Oh if eating honey was my only task!

I have set aside what time I have this month to Focus on completing and following up on the previous three.  To recap: I spent January focusing on my finances, February focusing on simplifying and decluttering my space and March focusing on a Spring clean.  I now have a list of left over jobs to tackle from each month and only two weeks of April to complete as we will be away for Easter and beyond.

You will find the list of tasks under April if you click on the Focus 2014 tab above or click here

I have been a busy bee this weekend whizzing through some of those little jobs that hang around – you know the ones I mean the non-urgent tasks that seem to roll over on the task list from one month to another.  If you don’t suffer from this ever then please leave me your secret in the comment box!

Since last Friday I have managed to  –

  • get a spare garage key cut £5.50 (ouch!), only on the list since last month
  • take my paper scissors to be sharpened £3.50 (I thought this was reasonable as they will last a while and it saves buying any new ones), on the list since January
  • laminated the clock change instructions to keep handy in my car and the compost layering ‘recipe’ to nail to the underside of the compost lid, as well as the musical sheets that are part of our musical crackers game ready for next Christmas get together,  on the list since January
  • cut back part of the front lawn that had crept over the driveway, on the list since last September
  • weeded the front bed where my lovely tree had been that succumbed to Honey fungus and is now ready for new planting,  on the list since February
  • finished copying over the old videos that we want to keep on DVD discs,  on the list for over a year
  • hubby took the sink trap off for cleaning (the fact that he didn’t screw the half bowl trap back on properly and I flooded out the cupboard below tonight – we won’t mention!), actually not on the list but we had a drain smell occur this last week
  • sent another bag of clothes to charity,  not even on the list
  • washed my black winter coat,  on last months list
  • washed all the cleaning cloths and dusters,  on the list for ages – the pile has just got bigger (they definitely breed)
  • balanced our finances, trying to do this at the end of each month no matter what
  • located the bottom of the ironing basket, this is on my weekly list but often has to be abandoned

and that was as well as the usual cleaning, washing  and tidying but it does feel good to not have to roll them over again.


I must say that the parts of the house that I have simplified, decluttered and cleaned are a real pleasure to be in.  I do need to work on my routines to keep up to this level of tidiness, cleanliness and clutterlessness (is there such a word?)…and most of all I need to keep a tight hold on the purse strings to avoid buying and bringing unnecessary bits and pieces back in.

Having said that there are certain items I am looking to buy or even make and as I go through each room simplifying and decluttering I am making a list of these items.  That may sound strange when my mission is to get rid of things but I also want to enhance my new space and make it decoratively pleasing to be in.

One of the items I am on the look out for is a small pretty wicker basket to contain my use up toiletries – so I can leave it out in full view and remember to use them.  At the moment they are in a Muji plastic tub but it would be nicer to have them in something a little more decorative than functional as I am sure it will be an ongoing container, even this plastic one

Small Faux Rattan Storage Basket
Google Images

from Lakeland would be better but I would like to avoid plastic and prefer a white-painted wicker one.

For anyone out there doing the same decluttering / tasks / spring clean how is it going for you?


Have a good week x






15 thoughts on “So much to do and so little time to do it…”

  1. It feels so good to get rid of some of those lingering tasks. I have to confess I far prefer the nice plastic things from Muji than wicker, so simple and versatile.

    The main thing I want to do this month is dig a vegetable bed. This task has been put off for a very long time for no other reason than my Father. He’s a gardener and I’m not looking forward to hearing about all the mistakes I make when I do it myself. I know he’s just being helpful but I need to do this myself and make my mistakes. It does hold me back though. No more!


    1. I am sure he is only trying to be helpful in his own way and perhaps some of his advice may save you from a lot of extra work. You can always listen and then make up your own mind of what advice you follow. Hope you will keep us posted on your progress.


  2. Wow, you’re really conquering your list! I did a bunch of decluttering this weekend but it will be a while before the items leave my house and find new homes. I usually give stuff to a couple of annual charity yard sales.


  3. Good for you to actually construct a list. I think I’m too scared too. I have a number of 1/2 finished projects that need attention. I have too many crafts and not enough time. I’m not doing too much spring cleaning because we’ll be moving soon and will just have to pack it all up. Most of our things are still packed and in storage from our last move, so I’m half done.

    I did manage to clean our refrigerator not too long ago. I washed and recycled a whole bin of plastic, lids, bottles, glass containers, etc. What I’ve decided is we should go back to what shopping was in the 1800’s. The market style where you asked a clerk for 100 grams of raisins and someone measures them from a giant container behind the counter and puts them in the container you bring with. We’d generate much less recyclables and I imagine lot’s of people don’t even recycle it goes to the landfill. Plus, so many more people would be employed.


    1. They used to sell milk like that over here in the street and you went out in a morning with your jug. We did have weigh yourself shops at one time but I believe they closed down because of health and safety issues – after all you wouldn’t want to help yourself to the big tub of flour that someone else had just sneezed into! I think it would work if you had a shop person doing the weighing out under more hygenic conditions.
      PS Good luck with the move.


      1. We still have a few Bulk Stores here. They mostly sell backing supplies and spices. It would be best if a shop person did the weighing.

        Thank’s for cheering on the move! I won’t start packing till two or three weeks ahead. Most of our things are in storage and it shouldn’t take too long 😀


          1. Luckily, we aren’t going far at all. 8 or 10 minutes away. Plus we’re taking a whole month to move in. Big stuff with a mover. Craft room in my car a few trips will do it. I was extremely organized when we moved from our house of 25 years. Purged and Stored much of it. We have very little at the Condo. 😀


    1. I was watching the Hoarder next Door last night and felt really sorry for those people who really could not let go of anything even though they could appreciate it would make their lives better – such was the fear that grasped them of being without their clutter…very sad really – I hope I never suffer to that extreme as I do get emotionally attached to things.


    1. Thank you so much – I had a quick look at the link and I actually like the little purple basket and it would be about the right size. I love how creative some people are though but I will pass on making something as I have far too many projects on the go now! In fact I was just passing the computer now on my way back into the garden – so had better get myself back out there!


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