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Craft it Forward – anyone want to play?…

One morning a few weeks ago I picked up a surprise package from our local sorting office.  It was from Alys over at Gardening Nirvana – she took part in Crafting it Forward read here  and I was one of the lucky people to receive a handmade gift from her and as you will see she is one talented gardener and crafter.  Apologies to Alys that it has taken me this long to write this post, but you will agree it has been well worth the wait.


Craft it Forward Parcel


The package was beautifully wrapped in tissue and ribbon – almost too nice to unwrap and this is what I found inside.

 Craft it Forward Cards

Ten beautiful handmade cards with pretty matching envelopes


Craft it Forward Butterfly


My photos do not do them justice

Craft it Forward Fairy Card

They are absolutely stunning I feel very honoured to have them

Craft it Forward envelopes


So now it is my turn to make something for 5 people and send it to them by snail mail during 2014.  When those 5 people receive my crafted item they must then agree to do the same deal for 5 more on their blog, Facebook or Google+.  I have never taken part in anything like this before and at the moment I can’t say what I will be making but it will probably be a handmade Artists Book. 

So if you are interested in taking part get ready steady go…I will make something handcrafted for the first five people to leave a comment on this post.

20 thoughts on “Craft it Forward – anyone want to play?…”

  1. Beautiful cards! How lovely. Question for you though, what exactly is an artist’s book? Is that a sketch book of ideas &cincepts?


    1. Hi Shelley
      An artists’ book or art books are works of art displayed in the form of a book. They are usually unique or produced as limited editions and are in a wide range of forms such as scrolls, fold-outs, concertinas or loose items contained in a box as well as bound printed sheets. They can contain sketches, photographs, paintings (of any medium) as well as textiles and type – basically anything goes and the book is intended as a work of art in itself.
      If you Google Artists Books you will get an idea of what I mean. Hope that helps and that you want to take part in Craft it Forward – you can do any craft as far as I know – I am just deciding what I might do, but it will probably be of paper and most likely an Artists Book.


      1. Well, sewing is what I like, so that would be my “talent” to gift. Though an artist book is lovely to receive- stick men are my speed for drawing!! Thanks for explaining


      1. Sorry not to get back to you – I think the reason having a blog is required is so that when you receive the craft item from me then you would announce on your blog if you had one that you will make a craft item for 5 people and they would put forward their names in the comments box just as you have done. I cannot think of a way round this if you do not have your own blog. You could use my blog to do the announcing but the drawback would be that it may well be the same readers unless in the future I have attracted a bigger following. At this point in time I will include you in my Craft it Forward and we will cross that bridge when we get to it.


      1. Thank you, I made a custom box for each ‘Craft It Forward’ I mailed and called them Boom-Box’s. (because I’m Boomdee from Boomdeeadda and make all my projects in the Boom-Room) It’s all silly but I have a blast.

        You can see all 4 Boom-Box’s at this link 😀 One more to go 😀 Have fun!


    1. Well then, this just might be the push I need to fire up a blog,lol. What I’d do with it I’m not sure. Will think on it


      1. Go for it Shelly, you’ll never regret it. Tonight, we had a Skype Tea. We were five friends who’ve connected at WordPress. One each from California, New Zealand and Australia. Two gals from Virginia and myself from Canada….it’s really amazing to find people all over the world you connect with.


  2. I’m not good enough to make things for other people so can’t be included in this but I just wanted to comment about how gorgeous the things you received are. You’re so lucky, they’re beautiful!


  3. The cards are beautiful! I took part in a pay it forward some years ago. I will pass on this one as I can’t commit to sending out to five people at the moment. If you would like to do a one to one trade between me and you however, I am up for that! x


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