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Focusing on Spring Cleaning update #1…

My focus this month was on Spring Cleaning – it hasn’t gone as well as I would have liked due to the usual time constraints but this last weekend at home saw me running around with buckets, cloths and cleaners and my trusty old friend for reaching into those parts etc…the toothbrush – it gets into all those little nooks and crannies.

There is something very satisfying about a good clean or bottoming (not sure if that is just a Yorkshire word or not) at this time of year, blowing all the winter cobwebs away and leaving that wonderful fresh smell and those pristine sparkling surfaces – it certainly puts a smile on my face!

Last weekend I cleaned the shower room and at the same time decluttered the cupboard and cabinet. I removed everything from the room including the contents of the cupboards before I began.

I always start at the top and work down so I washed the ceiling and walls, then doors, woodwork and radiator. After that I tackled the shower cubicle, basin and toilet. Hubby came along later and did the light fitting and the fan and the bath mat had a wash and was hung on the line to blow dry and fluff up the pile again.

If you have ever been into an expensive bathroom showroom in the middle of the week you will see the trade secret of  how they keep their display goods so shiny and appealing – they polish them.  This works a treat at home too – after giving the pottery a good wash,  dry it down with an old cloth and then spray with some liquid beeswax polish and rub to a heavenly shine with a soft clean duster. You can do the inside and outside of the basin and bath as well as the taps and even the outside of the toilet, the cistern and the lid – though I would do this last and then wash your cloths well afterwards.

After sorting through the contents of the cupboard I was left with this pile of oddments – one or two were past their sell by date…

Cupboard Contents

but as I cannot waste anything the rest are now in my use up box – even those free satchets of shampoo that are often stuck in magazines and the little bottles of hotel freebies (don’t we all have them?)…

Use up box 2

and one by one they will be allocated to the little soap dish in the shower which I call my ‘use up’ shelf  – (at the moment I am using up this tube of conditioner – cut in half to get at those last little drops and so far I have conditioned my hair five times with the leftovers that could have been thrown away).

Use up shelf

Other items will go onto the top of my dressing table so they are at hand when I need them.

Cupboard after

So the cupboard is looking much better now and everything in there is something I use – in fact it still feels like quite a bit of stuff and I am wondering if I could slim it down even further – I am not sure I could quite get to a bar of soap and a face cloth but if I did use soap it would save me having 2 different shower gels (one mine, one hubby’s), a large tub of Aqueous washing cream, a stock of liquid hand soap and some foot wash.   My granny only used soap and maybe a few bath salts – no fancy shower gels in her day – in fact she never had a shower.  No wonder my granny didn’t have overflowing cupboards they were certainly a minimalist generation compared with ours.

Of course after all that scrubbing I was a sorry sight and needed to jump into my nice clean shower to get myself clean – it felt a bit like that moment when you have to put on a garment from your wardrobe that you have just washed and ironed!

Sunday saw me busy again in the office come craft room – I find this the hardest room to do as it is home to so many different activities and nearly all involve paper…but that is another days post.

Mum is expected for a few days visit on Thursday – I have already given the guest room a bit of a clean and filled some gorgeous little white linen bags with rose petals and placed one on her pillow and one in her drawer.

Linen Bags


If you don’t hear much from me soon you know that we will be out doing a marathon shop!!


Have a good week x

9 thoughts on “Focusing on Spring Cleaning update #1…”

  1. Your cleaning thoroughness is very inspiring. I hope we have a day soon that I can open the windows! We are off today for the big snowstorm. I also like to cut tubes open and use things up completely!


  2. I need you to come and do a Kim and Aggie on my house! I am even thinking of signing up to be on one of those ‘hoarder’ shows where a team come round and help to declutter and clean the place! I like the tip about liquid beeswax polish – where do you get it from? Have a lovely time shopping with your Mum. x


    1. You may hoard but I am sure you are not up to the standard of the TV hoarders and look at the wonderful crafts you make with all those bits and pieces you have – just stay as you are Simone and use your time creating because you are so good at it – in fact I need you to come and help me get crafting instead of cleaning!


  3. The change of season has lead me to do a bit of a spring clean. Nothing so organised as doing a full room at a time, more being aware that there are some things I haven’t done since our friend came to stay in the Autumn.

    Since reading this post I went into the bathroom, chucked out some out of date things (like sun lotion from last year), added some of the Christmas beauty gifts to the charity bag, cleaned the boxes and shelves where things are kept and put everything back in an orderly fashion. Thanks!


  4. I feel like you – I always wish there were less things in the bathroom. There’s always something I’m waiting to be used up – shampoo, body wash etc etc I hate to waste a drop. And then the hotel sized stuff… you’ve inspired me.


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