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Focusing on Simplifying my space update # 2…

Simplifying my space has been a harder project than I first thought and of course I am nowhere near finishing but the areas I have completed are working so well it is motivating me to press on.  As you will have noticed I have produced very few posts about this project as time has not been on my side during February but I will keep you updated as I complete a task.  I am concentrating my time in our home office at the moment which is probably a months work in itself.  Hopefully this weekend I will get to photograph the fruits of my labours!
Whilst I have been doing all these tasks I have been thinking a lot about how I can make my space both simple and uncluttered and keep it that way.  In fact I did wonder if I am simplifying at all or just reducing.
Even though simplifying and reducing are closely related terms I think there is a big difference between the two, for instance I could simplify my meals without reducing the amount I cook or I could reduce the amount I cook but still keep my meals quite complex.
The dictionary says to simplify is to make easier – so how would I make my space easier once I have reduced the contents?
This is what I came up with –
  • I can rearrange the items to make a more workable space – both the furniture and the decorative objects.
  • I can make the cleaning easier – washable surfaces, revamp existing items, maintain existing items, clean simple lines and shapes.
  • I can simplify how the space is used so it is single rather than multiple use eg the kitchen for cooking, the bedroom for sleeping and dressing.
  • I can simplify the decor making it more restful.
  • I can introduce better storage.
  • With my finances I can simplify the way I am dealing with them and tracking them as well as reducing the amount I am spending.
So as I am reducing I will also simplify by keeping in mind the above check list.
Whilst on the subject I thought I would share this short video I came across recently on You Tube and although this is a life taking simplicity to extremes it does have a certain appeal to me. 
They have named their tiny home Innermost House – such a beautiful name and I especially like the fact that even the few books that they have with them are ‘chosen’ to live there.  If you have a few moments take a look and tell me what you feel after watching it.  Would this life appeal to you or fill you with horror?

Thoreauvian simple living: unelectrified, timeless tiny home

Tomorrow I will reveal my new Focus for March and do a catch up on my weeks spending and the menu plan.

19 thoughts on “Focusing on Simplifying my space update # 2…”

  1. I hadn’t thought about the difference between simplifying and reducing – I love your list! Much food for thought. Although the tiny house is beautiful and peaceful, it certainly wouldn’t be my choice – I like modern amenities, and popular culture. I look forward to your upcoming photos and next focus!


    1. I would love to look so peaceful and content like the lady on the film – I seem to spend so much of my time moving from one urgent task to another and when they are done I find instead of being able to relax someone else will ask me to help with some of theirs!!


  2. The tiny house in the woods definitely appeals to me- having stayed in a friend’s cottage a couple of years ago that had no electricity, I found that you become more thoughtful about using light when you can’t just flick a switch!

    I think it helped that the film was shot on a lovely sunny day…although I imagine it is really cosy in winter too.


    1. PS Welcome to my blog – I have just had a quick peek at your lovely blog and will be back later for an in depth read. I did notice you have a lot of books – so you may need a little house library extension LOL!


  3. I love that little house. Must come back to watch the full length documentary later. I wonder where the water supply comes from though and I doubt if I could live like that all the time but for escape it would be fabulous and I will add it to my portfolio of imaginary bolt holes! Good luck with your simplifying and reducing.


  4. It was a dream of living a simpler and more isolated life that led us to our home in the woods. I couldn’t go that far, though I envy the silence. The sound of the woods here has to compete with the fridge and the central heating boiler!


    1. Mod cons are good – when we first bought our cottage we had no cooker, no bed, no central heating and no fridge so we had to improvise. When we had to turn the water off once due to a problem it was the thing we missed most – digging outside all day and then not having any means of washing is quite difficult – even with the sea 50 yards away!


  5. Thanks for sharing the video, it was enjoyable but not for me, I would never choose to live away from a town. I like the timeless idea and thinking about the sounds of the house – the fire etc and the use of light. I think there’s quite a lot to take away from it even though being there would drive me bonkers.


    1. I can’t stop thinking about it and rerun it in my head at the moment – for such a short video there is so much in it that I want to take from it – and yes it may even be a bit claustrophobic for me when I really think about it.


  6. I watched the video and have mixed emotions about it. Yes, it seems idyliic but it was filmed on a lovely sunny day. I think it would be a good place to go to for a short time if you wanted to meditate or clear you head but I don’t think it would suit me long term. From a practical view point; where does she hang her washing to dry? It seems pretty dark inside the house and probably dangereous to have so many candles lit around the place too. The lady seemed so well groomed it made me wonder if she was just playing at having a simplified life. I bet she goes into town to faddy resatuarants and has a personal stylist too! (Ignore me I am in a funny mood today!) x


    1. I know what you mean – it is difficult to imagine someone could live like that for very long and the video only gives a snapshot of a few hours. I keep wondering how does she do this and that – I am really intrigued to know more.


  7. Inner most house is very interesting. Thanks for sharing this. I will have a read of their site too, there is something very compelling there. Many of those qualities feel a little lost here!


    1. I think you can take different things away from this short video I know I have and it has become a bit of my ‘yardstick’ of what I do and how I think of things now, although I probably would never be able to go to those extremes – I like the idea.


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