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A bit of this and that…

I don’t know about you but I quite enjoyed myself last weekend.  Friday morning was spent doing the usual catch up –  a bit of ironing, washing, paperwork and then a couple of hours enjoying a cup of tea and a chat with my neighbour. 

Paint testers

Saturday we tried out the tester pot I had bought on Wednesday night but found it a little too white for the ceilings (colour on the far left) and I didn’t like the name of the colour anyway (I know it may sound strange but I find I always have to like the name if I use a paint colour!).  So we may have to rethink, and at £3.99 a tester pot we need to have a very accurate rethink!  Sorry picture not very good – not even a good resemblance of the colours!
In the afternoon we drove over to Sheffield and spent a few hours browsing the kitchen display sets trying to decide between different cupboard doors, worktops and appliances!   We have hit a few snags trying to fit the units we like into the space called our kitchen and other than extending our kitchen to fit we will have to make a few compromises either to the design or the style of units. 
We borrowed a couple of door samples to see them in situ in our kitchen and I fell immediately in love with the dearest (story of my life) so now we are looking to either a) save some money on the prices of the appliances and all the other bits, b) save more money elsewhere – like eat bread and jam for 3 years, or c) win the lottery – which would be extremely difficult as we don’t play!
On Sunday lovely hubby had to leave home just after lunch and drive down to Bury St Edmunds for work via Sheffield returning the doors so I had most of the day to myself just mooching around tying up a few loose ends.  I never enjoy just cooking for one so I put some potatoes in the oven to bake while I mooched.  In  the evening I gave my feet a pampering pedicure and then snuggled down to watch Call the Midwife uninterupted.


Remember these flowers I bought last week ( they appeared on my other blog)… well on Monday evening I got away from work on time at 4pm and it was still light and sunny when I arrived home so I went into the garden and planted up a couple of terracotta pots with the primroses and cyclamens.  So now I have a splash of colour outside my front door.
Tonight I did my Sainsbury’s shop which you can read about on my blog Re-routed together with my menu plan for the week and tomorrow I will be making a birthday card for my colleague at work.  So a busy week but I am finding that with the lighter nights and mornings I suddenly feel a bit more energetic.

Hope you had a productive / restful / eventful weekend and enjoy the week  x

12 thoughts on “A bit of this and that…”

  1. The longer days and better weather conditions have certainly improved my mood! I must get some flowers as nothing in my garden is in bloom right now. The cyclamens add a splash of welcome colour. I hope you decide on a paint colour and get your kitchen cabinets sorted! x


  2. We used Pointing from Farrow and Ball on all our ceilings – white but with no optical brighteners and it works very well – so much so several of my friends have used it too after seeing it in situ
    Dulux Heritage colours are less expensive and have a number of ‘whites’ which are very similar.


  3. Our clocks go forward on March 9 – I dread it because it’s another hour of darkness in the morning and it is only gained back at 2 or 3 minutes a day. I will have to find a way to enjoy the extra daylight in the evening! I look forward to hearing more about your kitchen reno. I can feel a weekend of watching Downton Abbey coming on!


  4. I have the same problem when going to buy things for our home as you do with the kitchen doors. If I like something I can guarantee it will be the most expensive one. Why can’t I like the least expensive one? After finding out the cost I often have to settle for the one I can afford.

    The cyclamens are beautiful! We have to treat them as annuals here.


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