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Meal Planning and a bit of chit chat…

For those of you who are interested you will find my menu plan for the week over on Re-routed

I don’t know about you it has been a very busy weekend here eating all that chocolate and cake LOL! 
But we have made progress – the kitchen planner came on Saturday and we now have a plan and room views of the proposed kitchen we just need to decide on the style, range and everything else.  I did find it very odd that one of the first questions on the form our planner fills in was “will you be wanting a cutlery tray?”
Of course we always manage to choose something from the expensive range no matter what we are buying so we may have to compromise a bit on what we want – good job we have a small kitchen! 
After many splodges on the wall we have at last found the paint colour we have been trying for.  With all the tester pots we have we could have produced a patchwork effect as a feature wall (maybe not a bad idea).  We are having the same base colour throughout all the rooms in our house and now that decision is made I need to go and get a tester pot to choose a ceiling colour.  We are having Farrow and Ball paint we have used it many times before and it does give a good finish.  All I need now is for Homebase to have a 20% off paint day sale and we will be first in the queue.
To get back to my focus for the month which is simplifying my space I have been doing a task a day and I will be posting about that soon.  I would have done it tonight but I have my appraisal at work tomorrow so must go now and fill in the dreaded form – which bright spark invented appraisals???
Hope you all had a good weekend and better weather I will catch up with you in the week.

7 thoughts on “Meal Planning and a bit of chit chat…”

  1. Gosh, this brings back memories……..a whole new range of thinking when we replaced the Aga with a Rayburn…….some would cry out at such a decision but we had the second hand aga for 20 years…and it was only a cooker. Rayburn is a complete unit – central heating boiler as well as cooker – but it kicks out muck………….so in need of decorating kitchen now…..still we are warm! Interstingly – Rayburns going like mad on ebay – solid fuel ones yes – oil and gas – no. Why we got rid of our oil system – money issues!!


    1. An Aga or Rayburn would probably take up the whole of our little kitchen!! We may put one in if we go to live at the cottage permanently. For our little house here it will be a conventional cooker. This will be my first new kitchen ever! We just seem to have expensive tastes!! Better get out the bread and jam for next few weeks and start saving.


  2. It’s great fun planning a kitchen from scratch, I got to do it many years ago when I bought my first ever house for myself and I said NO to the cutlery drawer question…. I had no drawers at all, I’m terrible for filling them up with clutter and never being able to find anything. It worked a treat just having cupboards even though my kitchen was tiny.


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