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Happy Valentines Day…

Hubby has been away for a few days but he hadn’t forgotten it was Valentines Day – I had a call at 9am this morning telling me to look under the settee and there it was… a card together with a large box of Milk Tray…ahhhhh. 
It was lucky for me that he was a few hours away as it gave me chance to first organise a card for him (homemade)…

Valentines Card

and then a cardboard tray…

Chocolate Tray


Chocolate Tray 2

whilst making a slab of chocolate on a lined baking tray.
Before it sets throw in nuts, fruit and crystallised ginger at one end and toffee pieces, honeycomb and chocolate chips at the other.  Melt some white chocolate and with a spoon flick across the tray haphazardly…

Chocolate Slab

Just before the chocolate sets hard cut out heart shapes with a metal cutter and lay them on baking parchment, then use up the left over white chocolate by pouring into the heart cutter.  Cool in the fridge for a while.  When set remove from the mould and warm the back of a spoon to run over the heart then coat with sprinkles…

Chocolate Hearts

Lay the chocolates on the decorated tray and cover with cellophane…

Chocolate Hearts

Then just time to hide them away and rush to put a bit of lippy on before he turns into the driveway…

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

9 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day…”

  1. That is a wonderful gift with much more thought than something shop bought. I love the idea of using up the white chocolate to make an extra heart too! A lovely gift and one I may copy!!! x


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