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Financial Focusing update #11

I know I said I would be working on my budget but after the day I have had at work I think I can be excused any further mental torture.  A night in front of the TV seems very inviting.  I haven’t been idle altogether, I have paid for my car tax online, moved some money into my Regular savings account so that the interest doesn’t drop below 2.5% and paid the M&S credit card bill which was mainly clothes and will come out of our clothes account.

My only spend of the day (besides my lunch) was also one of my biggest savings.  I managed to get a £9 No7 Lipgloss for only £4 and 100 bonus points.   I had a coupon for £3 off any No 7 makeup but in addition I went to the Advantage card kiosk and printed out a further coupon for £2 0ff any lipstick and another for a 100 extra points on any makeup.  Surprisingly the bar code scanner accepted all the coupons even the one for lipstick when I had bought Lipgloss – so I can tell you it is worth going to the kiosk before you buy and just hand everything to the assistant to scan.   Well done Boots you made my day.

Only 3 days of January left and I have still got quite a lot to do.  Fortunately I will be having the afternoon off on Thursday so I should be able to finish more of the remaining tasks.  I am still hopeful that I can complete this Financial Focus within the month as I would like to be able to move on to my next focus.  I have a few ideas of what this will be and no doubt I will enlighten you in another post.

Tomorrow I will be meeting my friend for lunch, we usually go to Costa and I am hoping I will have enough points to cover part of the bill.  Hope you all have a good day. x



6 thoughts on “Financial Focusing update #11”

  1. Hope things are improving at work. Agree with your earlier comment – his actions spoke volumes. Reminded me of a newly appointed Deputy Headteacher I had the misfortune of working alongside. Enjoy Costa xxxx


  2. I have not used my Boots Advantage card for ages or printed off any coupons from the kiosk. Thanks for the reminder! I was just reading back a few posts – I am sorry that you have upheaval at work. It is difficult when someone new comes in and all the dynamics change. I hope you had a lovely lunch out with your friend today. x


    1. We had a lovely lunch – Kathleen is my newly acquired friend that I met through Bernard the elderly gentleman I used to give a lift to. When he died Kathleen and I kept in touch and now meet about once a month for lunch and a catch up. Some people at work think she is my mum and if I didn’t already have 2 mums I would adopt her as she is so lovely!


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