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Financial Focusing update #1

After a shaky start last week I am just about getting back into a routine both at work and home.  At work it is the lull before the storm as there are some big changes ahead starting February – I am not even sure what I will be doing when it happens but I am not going to worry about that now.  No I am going to get my house in order – starting with the finances.

Each evening after work I have been ‘Focusing’ on one financial task from my list.

So far I have…

  • taken the loose change to the bank – £14 in 5p, 2p and 1p’s over the year.
  • taken any returns to the shops for a refund (all but John Lewis this has to be a weekend job),
  • reimbursed our account with the cost of some clothes bought for my mum in law,
  • applied for a cash back card,
  • checked out our current energy deals and
  • begun making a pile of sellable items that we no longer want.

Like a lot of other bloggers I have been totting up the Grocery spend for last year

Total Grocery spend for 2013

£3,082.59 for the year or £59.20 week which is a disappointing £10 a week over the budget I set.  My best month was June £175.14 and my worst August £370.79.

Most of this was spent in Sainsbury’s and I have now got over £80 in reward points to spend – this will help get us through January.

Did I mention I accidentally pulled the plug out of the freezer in the garage when I thought I had just unplugged the outside Christmas lights.  It happened last Tuesday night and not discovered until Saturday!  I need saving from myself.

Not sure what we can save and eat or will have to abandon – any suggestions anyone?  At least it was in the process of being run down to help get through a frugal January  – so not a huge amount in there.  Oh well tomorrow ‘s another day…


9 thoughts on “Financial Focusing update #1”

  1. You are clearly doing a brilliant job! (and I’m sorry I laughed out loud when you said ‘I need saving from myself’ re the freezer…it could have happened to any of us). I admire your discipline – you will be so pleased to have achieved so much in January. I should be following your example.


  2. I’m sorry to hear about the freezer mishap. That was discouraging.

    Change can be hard, but it is also inevitable. I hope the work changes are in your favor. Best of luck.

    If you want to include your address here, I’ll take it. Otherwise I’ll wait for your email.


    1. This chart is just what I needed. We had already eaten some of the bread this week and cooked with the grated cheese and we are still here to tell the tale. The ice-cream will definitely have to go though – my daughter became very ill once when a shop in Meadowhall (our local mall) was selling ice cream that they had refrozen after a power cut.


  3. Oh bad news on the freezer. Remind me to have a freezer declutter – to be honest I can’t tell you what’s in it – indication that I question if I need a chest freezer in the garage when I have an integrated fridge/freezer in the kitchen. We too are entering a frugal period – we are paid every 3 months via hubby’s business – a dividend. It has to last us 3 months and we went slightly short in December but back on track only to realise our holiday has to be paid by January 25th and ferry by February….so tightening our belts. Food wise I have set myself a little adventure using only cookery books/magazines I all ready have – meatballs yesterday and mighty delicious too.


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