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Happy New Year…

Stormy weather at Portpatrick
Stormy weather at Portpatrick

Happy New Year to everyone – I hope you all have a wonderful year and achieve all your hopes and dreams and goals.

As you will have noticed through my lack of posts I have been having a bit of an enforced blogging rest.  Christmas became a frantic race to the end mainly due to high work commitments and a lack of free weekends – too many family get-togethers!

As always at this time of year I am looking forward to a fresh start.

My planner has a new diary and clean task sheets all ready to begin the year – perhaps before I am.

I have been thinking about my word this year and without much effort the word FOCUS has kept dominating my thoughts.

I can identify with the ‘power of one’  Sticking to one goal at a time until the project is finished as I believe I am guilty of taking on or starting too many things and trying to achieve too much at once.  So each month I am setting a new single goal as I feel a month is much easier to plan for once all my other commitments are identified and scheduled.  With my busy work life and not many hours spent at home I precious little spare time to accomplish anything.

Focusing on one goal at a time does not mean that I will stop eating healthily or fail to watch my spending – it just means that any spare time will be given over to concentrating on the main project I set for the month.  Each day I will do something towards my main goal.

So my goal for January is to get my finances in order.  This will also incorporate a clearing out of the office and dealing with old paperwork and my filing cabinet as well as the desk drawers.  I shall also be reviewing all my systems for dealing with finances and paperwork to see if they can be made more efficient.

At the top of my blog is a drop down menu  – Focus 2014  – here, if you are interested, is where you will find my list of tasks that I will be doing each day (but in no particular order) throughout the month to bring me closer to my months goal.  I can’t wait to get started!

As I am still playing catch up reading everyone’s blogs please excuse my lack of comments – I see you have all been very busy too and full of new challenges too for the coming year.  I have been reading everyone’s plans and reviews and I will be following your progress over the coming months.

PS –  if you are reading this – I love your sweet little addition to the family Sue and Mavis is such a cute name – I am sure she will thrive with you to look after her.

13 thoughts on “Happy New Year…”

  1. I think I chose focus as my word of the year a few years back. I do lack focus from time to time and flit from one thing to another. Good luck with your challenges for the coming year! x


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