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Just a chat really about my week…

Grey Mares Tail

Grey Mares Tail – Galloway Forest park

Coming back down from Scotland last Sunday afternoon we pulled off the A75 leaving behind the unusually busy traffic to take the quieter very scenic route through part of the Galloway Forest.  The road is full of twists and turns and the colours of the surrounding trees and countryside were quite spectacular with a new surprise around every bend.

Each time we drive through we play a game of spotting our Xmas tree – there are plenty of Spruce trees growing on the verge side I always say they wouldn’t miss one!

We stopped to take pictures of the waterfall named Grey Mares Tail – with all the heavy rain on the Saturday it was spilling down over the rocks with some force.  The road continues into New Galloway a tiny village with a wonderful Arts Centre in the old school called the CatStrand.

We had a quick look at the gift shop which is full of handmade goodies and very tempting before getting back on the road again for the long haul home but at least it is all downhill to Yorkshire!

Back at home it has been a long week at work with little progress at home other than having a chat with the man who will be revamping our very retro pampas coloured bathroom after Christmas.  I am not that much into retro that I want to keep the green suite!

I was quite relieved to finish work for the week tonight and although I wanted to head straight for home I decided to go shopping to Dunelm – not my favourite shop – but I remembered they do cushion pads and I needed new insides for two knitted cushion covers for the cottage (I hasten to add this is Sainsbury’s knitting not mine).

I finally arrived after finding myself going around the ring road the opposite way to what I should have which took infinitely longer as instead of two sets of lights I had to sit through umpteen in the rush hour.

On the way through the bedding section I picked up a pack of Deluxe (their wording not mine) flannelette pillowslips – so handy for the cottage when we arrive late on a Friday night and climb into bed before the heating has had chance to warm the place up a little.  Flannelette feels much warmer to the touch than ordinary cotton which can feel like you have been plunged into a cold icy bath – what a shame no one has thought to invent the heated pillow.

Once in the cushion section I found the cushion pads were either the wrong size or the wrong filling so I came away without a purchase and am wondering now if I should even get new covers.  I keep sneaking a look at those lovely crotchet ones over at My Little Red Suitcase – maybe Santa will indulge me this year.

I am sure I am not the only person who goes to the shop for one thing and comes out with another!

Tomorrow is my day off and I will be doing my frenzied clean as usual then having a cup of tea in the afternoon with my neighbour a few doors away catching up on news.  I am hopeful that this weekend I can be inspired and produce another Christmas card and I shall be making plans for a slow walk to Christmas – I feel behind all ready!

Have a good weekend  x

16 thoughts on “Just a chat really about my week…”

  1. Flannelette bedding – candy striped? Grew up with that – can understand my outlook on life because of this…..and not wearing mule slippers ………”You can break your neck wearing mule slippers!” my mum pointed out many years ago !


    1. You should always listen to your mum – as my daughters say even when they don’t want to! Unfortunately not candy stripe but I do like them – they are very comforting – like you say childhood memories – we then progressed to bright orange brushed nylon – ouch… the toe nails getting caught!


  2. There was a sketch on The Fast Show years ago where the chap goes out for something useful and instead comes home with cat-tights. This is now a watch-word in our house, and the Other Half has cat-tight shopping down to a fine art.


    1. Just caught me out on my blog when I should be doing jobs! I think I get the credit for Cat-tight shopping in our house my shopping reflects my thinking and that is – all over the place. My better half is more like the 2 Ronnies sketch with the 4 candles and fork handles – when he hasn’t decoded my shorthand shopping list correctly!


    1. I am not sure I would like to lay with my head on a load of wires all night with all that electrical current going into my brain – perhaps a hot water bottle tucked inside would do the job or maybe some kind of solar heat storage – mmm…not sure I am going to make my fortune with this idea – I’ll just stick to the flannelette!


  3. I may be the odd one out here but I hate warm beds! We have flannelette bedding on at the moment and I just get over heated in it. I much prefer cool crisp cotton. I remember having those horrid orange brushed nylon sheets as a child from Brentford Nylons. I used to have a brushed nylon nightie too. Yuk!!! x


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