Changing colours…

Car Park Vista

On my way through the car-park last night I noticed the leaves on the trees opposite are quickly starting to change colour now and there are tinges of gold and flame red appearing.  I have been so busy at work that I have not had the time to reflect the changes in my house.

Autumn Display

So this morning I thought I would gather a few things together in my Kitchen once I had given it my Friday clean up.  In the garden I found a few autumn berries for my tiny jam jar and surprise, surprise I noticed the Chives are in flower again…is this usual for this time of year?

Breakfast Tray

I took my little ‘Breakfast Tray’ out of the cupboard – it has everything I need for a leisurely weekend continental breakfast with my old silver teaspoon all polished and gleaming and a recent addition of the little butter knife given to me by a friend which says ‘You spread Joy’ on the blade…

Table Display

and Voila…my new table display for the weekend.  It will make breakfast time all the more enjoyable.


17 thoughts on “Changing colours…

  1. I remember having British guests who were surprised by the hot toast served at breakfast. She said they’d been eating cold toast off of toast racks her whole life and had never actually had it while it was still hot. *s* How do you get the butter to melt?


  2. We had our new kitchen fitted about 2 years ago and I went for a minimal look…….having visited a neighbour recently she showed me her new kitchen and I felt mine lacked “soul” so am now injecting some. Nipped to Ikea on Thursday and bought an island so am making steps towards a happier kitchen.


    • I like minimal but I also love vintage and everything in-between! So my kitchen is a big mix of everything but then I guess that reflects who I am. Of my two daughters one reflects the modern and the other the vintage – I must have mixed genes!!


  3. I love your orderliness and routines. I wish I could be more like you. I absoloutely adore the little breakfast tray idea. I think I may have to copy it – once I have the house in order – you have seen the state of the craft room and that is just the tip of the iceberg!!! x


    • You might think I am orderly and have routines but the truth is actually very different. I do get things under control and then through pressure of life it all evades me once again! Blogland can be very good at concealing reality – maybe I will put some photos on my blog of my house on a Thursday evening before my Friday clean up (if I feel brave enough). I think you should definitely stick to being yourself – you have real creativity in your craft room. x


  4. Hello! Thank you for popping over to my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. Yes I think we have lots in common and I look forward to reading back through your posts to get to know you.
    Lyn (everyday life) x


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