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Monday is the new Friday…

…well for this week only as I have been at home today instead of Friday.

And what a gorgeous weekend.  We spent Saturday in Shrewsbury visiting my mother in law at her care home.  As usual we had a stop in Tarporley, Cheshire for lunch and walking along the main street I noticed the decorative writing on the outside of this old black and white frame house.  I love the words written under the window sill and thought perhaps this form of graphic art might prove quite popular with today’s fashion for writing on the inside walls of your house.

Writing on the wall

I have no idea what it says but here is a closer look – it was written in 1585

Window Sill Tarporley

After an early lunch at The Old Fire Station we drove on and arrived at the care home about 1.45pm only to find that my mum in law has taken to having a nap after lunch and doesn’t usually wake until 4pm – some power nap!  We had no choice but to go down into the town and have a look at the shops while she was in her deep slumber and return later.

I have always enjoyed shopping in Shrewsbury – it is a delightful town, full of independent shops and compared to my home town of Huddersfield there are a huge number of ‘fancy goods and gift’ shops to browse around.  However, after my seventh giftie shop some items were starting to get a bit repetitive and I did wonder who buys all this stuff, because although some of it is lovely it is also fashionable and will no doubt be out of fashion just as quickly.

Because we had plenty of time to kill we ventured into the Church of St Mary’s at the top of the town – inside is the most beautiful stained glass window  – like a colourful patchwork quilt, sadly this picture really does not do it justice.  It is one of those breath taking moments when you stand before it.

Stained Glass window

I worked last Friday on my day off – urgent business at work.  So today I decided to sort out one or two of those little tasks that I have been meaning to get around to.

  • I collected a letter from the sorting office in Holmfirth that required a signature and managed to run in and out to avoid any parking charges, saving 40p.
  • I rang Persil to find out if their Persil Original Non-Bio liquid was still available as Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons and Wilkinsons no longer stock it.    I was pleased that it is still available but only in Waitrose, Lloyds Pharmacy and by internet from Ocado.  I can see I will have to stock up on this as our nearest Waitrose is 30 miles away. Luckily the number was a freephone so cost nothing to ring.
  • I ordered 2 new filters at £1.20 for both our Russell Hobbs kettles (one at home, one at the cottage) which have had a good descaling inside.  Cost £5.39 including postage.
  • I returned my Library books on time whilst passing through the village.  Cost nil

Whilst I was out and about I called to see my newly retired brother who never knows what day it is now!  My purpose was to discuss Christmas…and presents in particular.  We decided last year that as a family we wanted to do something different about Christmas present buying.  With there being so many of us in our family now and growing it was taking quite a few shopping trips and a lot of ‘what on earth can I buy them’ moments.

We have agreed on a Secret Santa system where each person only buys one present worth £50 for one other member of the family.  Most of us are in couples so the cost will be £100 to us but that will be it.   Only the younger children up to 18  will be excluded and we will buy presents as usual for them but will probably join together to do this.  We will each produce a list of most wanted items as a guide for the purchaser.  I must say I am really looking forward to this new system and one of the great things is we will receive less stuff.

So all in all quite a productive day.

What are your plans to (if any) to reduce the Christmas Budget?


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9 thoughts on “Monday is the new Friday…”

  1. The stained glass window is spectacular! In my extended family we still exchange a lot of gifts. When asked, I said I would prefer food gifts and things that can be used up such as bath products. I received lots of homemade jams, salsa, etc so I was very happy! But it was still difficult to buy for them, who seem to have everything 🙂


  2. I love love love Shrewsbury. It’s beautiful but relaxed, lots to see and do (and eat) and I always end up with quilting supplies aplenty *hooray*.

    Too much fun stuff to come before I think about Christmas but I guess it will be a morning of power shopping in Lytham before flopping out in The Taps and forgetting about the whole sorry business!


      1. The place I visit most is Watson & Thornton, it’s at the bottom of Mardol going towards the Quantum Leap statue thingamy. There’s also Textiles Express, I think it’s on Milk Street, nice shop with helpful staff.


        1. I know Watson and Thornton I think my mum in law called them ‘the brothers’ – I will make sure we do that end of town on our next visit. The place on Milk Street has gone I think – if I have got the right place. They are concentrating on their out of town store in Oswestry I think it said on the notice in the window.


      2. Oooh, that’s really good to know, well not good that the fabric shop is shut but good I didn’t plan to go there. We haven’t been since about May so lots could have changed.


  3. Oh yes I hear you on the gift stores – and the repetition of the same things!! Who does buy it all – but then I realise, it’s partly the Christmas ‘I don’t know what to get x’ sort of place (at least giving to women!). My extended family do secret santa usually, but my immediate family (mother father and two brothers) all buy for one another, or pool for something bigger, like my mum’s helicoptering over NYC. Pooling money usually results in the best gifts imo!


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