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What greets me when I get home…

Do you remember the Siemens Advert?    If not click on below for a quick reminder.

I used to sing along to this all the time secretly wishing that on my return home after a long hard day at work my life was as easy and relaxed as portrayed in this video. 

Well I want that ‘Siemens’ life – I dream of that  tidy well run home that gleams, and of having a well stocked fridge with healthy food and our evening meal all prepared and ready to go, of being able to recline with a book or run a bath, even take time to kiss my better half – if I had a Siemens life I know I would have arrived!!

Well as they say ‘ Dream on’ in real life what do I have?  I have the ‘Frenzied’ life.

It begins in the hallway when I arrive home and trip over yet another pair of shoes that won’t fit on the rack (usually because all the shoes have migrated from the wardrobe to the hallway – they obviously have feet of their own) and sigh as I pick up yet more junk mail to deal with together with the third charity bag this week and it is only Wednesday.   I go straight upstairs park my bag and hang my coat noting that I must have been late this morning as the bed looks like it had a bad day and resembles a half-hearted attempt at being made; but I persuade myself it is not worth remaking it now as it is only a few hours from bedtime and it is going to get crumpled again soon – right?. 

I head on down to the kitchen to make a well deserved cup of tea (should be herbal or green but I think what the hell and go for normal).  Then I decide that hunger beats healthy and I opt for whatever I can grab as a quick snack. 

Hunger pangs now replaced with guilt pangs for the added calories I have just consumed I rush around the kitchen like a whirling dervish tidying up and dealing with the endless waste management – the washed and drained recycling (tell me where is that in the Siemens house?), emptying compost and rubbish bins and a general putting things into order ready to begin the cooking marathon.  I look in the fridge trying to remember exactly what I had planned on the menu tonight before realising what it was that I dashed into Sainsbury’s for after work when I got diverted and ended up in the magazine section.

If I am lucky by 8 o’clock if hubby is back from work we can eat and relax for half an hour before returning to the kitchen to wash what seems like every dish we own.  After doing bits of paperwork, bits of washing or ironing and checking emails I find it is almost time to collapse into bed, I might just have time to do a post or soak my feet before I do!  My life just does not match up to the Siemens life…yet… but on the bright side after a summer of hard work I am s l o w l y reducing the stuff in our house and the things that remain will eventually have a place and a place with space and this I am sure is key to helping me become more organised.

You can always tell a very expensive clothes shop as they have a minimal stock all beautifully displayed with space around each item and that is how I see our finished home.  So I will keep replaying the Siemens life to remind me that the Future is certainly moving in and hopefully my Frenzied life is on the way out.


12 thoughts on “What greets me when I get home…”

  1. I took a look at the Siemens ad and my first thought was that it looked sterile and not at all like real life! I also feel like I spend half of my time emptying compost, recycling and garbage bins, plus the kitty litter! Overall, though, I feel like I have a lot of free time. We have about 4.5 hours between getting home from work and bedtime. Even with 2 hours for cooking and cleaning up some nights, it seems like there is “enough” time to laze about. Well, it helps that we save all housework except cooking and dishes for the weekends!


  2. We had a new kitchen fitted a couple of years ago, deciding to go ultra-modern (sigh)…..we replaced the Aga with a Rayburn, long story – but needed to replace the oil boiler which was far too expensive. The Rayburn acts as a central heating boiler whilst the Aga was just a cooker – a good one at that – ask Mary! The Aga produced an incredible amount of dust too…….The Rayburn is duck egg blue, the kitchen units are white – quite similar to the advert but guess what? Yes the Rayburn produces dust – but at least we are warm and I keep warm by endless cleaning of the units.
    Shoes must breed – have the same problem here.
    We are working on the house – currently the main bedroom. I sometimes wonder if we will ever finish as now the kitchen and snug need re-painting with a more suitable emulsion. Farrow & Ball do lovely colours – okay to look at but not practical.
    Oh I am going on a bit, must go and move shoes, tidy up and clean the kitchen!


  3. If my family moved into the Siemens house, I’d give it approximately half an hour before it looked exactly like ours does now – which is probably a lot like yours…


  4. Oh this did make me smile! I hadn’t seen that advert before – where have I been? It does look a little too perfect. When her daughter was home we did have home cooked meals waiting for us, but now sadly she is back at Uni, it’s back to real life. Our shoe problem is much better now that we have a seat with a draw underneath to put them. We are off to look at an Eco house under the architecture week event, hope you get to visit somewhere too.
    Sarah x


  5. Oh I empathise! Even with a dishwasher, I feel like I end up handwashing about 85% of everything! And I spend a fair bit of time ferreting rubbish from plastics recycling to take back to the store, then recycling and then compost and then landfill – not to forget to weigh it every Wednesday! certainly not the siemens life!


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