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On the Mill Pond…

Heron in the Mill Pond

I went for a short walk recently with my sister in law around a local Mill Pond in Holmfirth (Last of the Summer Wine Country) which had an abundance of Cow Parsley all around the edge.  We came across this Heron hovering on a log waiting to catch his tea.  They are one of my favourite birds – so elegant and when they stay exceptionally still you can often mistake them for the statues people place by their pools to keep the real ones away.

We will be on our way to Scotland soon for our jolly hols (and a lot of hard work too!).  This visit we are having the new fence and farm gates erected – weather being kind to us.

Here is an update on our compost bins from the last visit.

Making compost the ‘Where the journey takes me’ way…

Collect a load of twiggy stems for the bottom layer to allow air to circulate at the base.  This will rot down slowly.

Compost -twiggy  base layer

Add some already rotted compost or garden soil…

Compost - 2nd Layer

Add a green layer of grass cuttings…

Compost - Green Layer

Now add torn pieces of wet cardboard and newspaer or shreddings…

Compost - Brown Layer

and another green layer of  nettles /fern leaves  or such like.  ( I have thrown in my dropped flower petals from my Camelia bush)

Compost - Green Layer 2

and a further brown layer of dead matter with a straw like consistency.  This is dead ferns and bamboo grass and Hydrangea cuttings.

Compost - Brown layer 2

Now add a soil layer and keep going layering up like a lasagne until the bin is full!

You can also add a scattering of one of the compost maker products you can buy to help it on its way.

I am hoping to find that the bin is less than half full when we get up to the cottage which will mean it is rotting down nicely.

See you soon…

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10 thoughts on “On the Mill Pond…”

  1. That is one organized compost pile! I just put grass clippings and leaves in a pile for about 5 years and did nothing to it, and it made great soil! (I am sure it would have gone faster if I had ever turned it!)


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