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“June is the month of dreams, I think”

–  Joan Adams Burchell

Hello again everyone – I know the gaps between posts have been rather long of late and although I am trying to rectify this I am finding it a bit of a struggle at the moment.  I just wanted to say thank you for all the lovely comments I have received about the recent death of my dear friend.  It has been quite a whirlwind month so far and I am hoping things will settle down a bit now before our holidays.  I have a lot of catching up to do but somehow I haven’t, as yet, got the desire to blog that I had before all this sadness set in.  I will begin slowly to work my way back into blogging by turning as usual at the beginning of the month to one of my past Art Journals.  The excerpt below is taken from ‘Celebrating the Year 2009’  illustrated with a little watercolour sketch I did in 2004 on a visit to Dunham Massey on a beautiful warm June day.

 Blue Irises Picture

Blue Irises – Watercolour Sketch in Dunham Massey Courtyard June 2004

“In your neat garden iris grows
Bright yellow, mauve – in stately rows. 

This one you’ve picked’s a lovely thing;
I know it brightens up our spring.
But in the forest, springtime’s child,
A purple
iris growing wild,
Can melt my heart as spring melts snow;
It’s spoilt me for the sort you grow!”
 -Jude, Wild Iris

“June 24th is Midsummer’s Day and June the 21st is the longest day.  It is now most definitely the middle of the year.  For me it is time to enjoy being in the garden more with the lighter evenings and warmer days, either relaxing with friends or actually weeding, planting and improving our little haven.  There is no place I would rather be – it is my place to unwind and refresh.

For inspiration this is the month that many private gardens are open to the public under the Open Gardens scheme.  If you have a spare weekend make a note in your diary to go and visit one.  You can find details at

As well as individual gardens we often visit two pretty little villages near York called Great and Little Ouseburn where many of the residents open their gardens on the same day.  You can wander from one to another with the aid of a hand drawn map provided.  We went for the whole day this year taking a picnic lunch so we could browse leisurely around all of them.    Quite often there are some delightful surprises awaiting as you go through into the back gardens and each is quite different reflecting the individuality of the owners.”

So far this year I have missed attending the Open Gardens that we usually go to but I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will find some new ones to go to when we have a free weekend.  How has your June been so far?

9 thoughts on ““June is the month of dreams, I think””

    1. Thank you – yes I am still very sad – Mary will always have a special place in my heart – I just believed we would grow old together so it has been a shock to lose her and so quickly but I am glad it is summer it will make it easier to bear rather than those long dark cold wintery days we had earlier in the year. x


  1. June is the month we hope to start sitting in the garden in the evenings, watching the bats do their aerobatic display and drinking chilled white wine (us, not the bats). Take it steady. x


  2. Lovely watercolour sketch! June has passed me by in the blink of an eye at the moment. Today the weather is not very good never mind flamin’ June!!! I really do hope that the weather picks up once more. I plan to sit, read and potter in the garden. x


  3. I hope you’ve started feeling a bit better, although the pain never goes…
    Purple iris is my fav flower!Your scetch is beautiful! Unfortunately, in Greece there are no gardens open to the public in the sense that you have them in England. So, as I’m a greenthumb, I would love to be able to visit English gardens once in a while!


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