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Just day to day stuff…

The sun streamed through our bedroom window this morning and it felt good to wake up to the warmth and light after so many miserable gray days, but… and isn’t there always a but, why is it still so cold outside?

On the 23rd we will be celebrating my sisters first wedding anniversary and I cannot believe it was a year ago that she got married nor that it was a gloriously sunny day.  I have the card all ready to go – I wanted a special one for her so chose it quite awhile ago.

Work was just as busy today preparing claims to submit to the Legal Aid Agency for payment – this side of our work will reduce very soon as Family and Divorce, Debt and Benefit advice are to be taken out of the Legal Aid budget and no longer available unless there is domestic or emotional abuse.  I am not sure how low wage earners will pay a solicitor for their divorce or contact issues, our firm is introducing a fixed fee which might help certain groups to be able to afford to have legal advice.

Has anyone been to Boots recently?  I went yesterday to use a No7 voucher for some face cream as well as buy a pot of Epsom Salts and some of the Flexitol Natural Heel Balm which is brilliant for cracked or dry heels.  I couldn’t help but notice that the shelves in the store are looking quite bare in places and there was a shortage of a number of products so I came away without any Epsom salts or the Heel Balm only the face cream.  I expect the recession is hitting the shops quite badly now Christmas is over but I hate having to make more than one trip to buy something especially when the assistants cannot tell me when new stock is expected.  On the good side I am getting quite good at saving money these days as I always remember to visit the Advantage Card machine first to see what other discounts or extra points are on offer.  Not only did I get £5 off my face cream but an extra 150 points were added to my Advantage card giving me a total of £28.55 to spend (this will certainly cover my Epsom Salts and Heel cream if they ever restock).  I even got another £5 off voucher.

Cream Sachets

Becoming economically minded has meant that I have made a big effort to use up as many toiletries as I can over the last few months, even those little free trial sachets of cream that are stuck inside magazines that I have collected and kept.  I have a sensitive skin and use un-perfumed creams out of choice but the sachets are useful for my neck and decolletage area so nothing is wasted in this household.  If I have a product I am not keen on I find a use for it somewhere, even old bubble bath is good for washing hair brushes and rollers.

When I arrived home from work tonight there was barely any time left to do any housework other than a quick tidy round in the kitchen and prepare the Leek and Potato soup with added Butter Beans for protein.

Leek and Potato Soup

Luckily there was no post today so no immediate paperwork to attend to.   After tea I flopped on the sofa and relaxed in front of the TV for an hour, working longer hours really takes it out of me but my job is very demanding at the moment and I hate working in a muddle.  I will even need to go in on my day off on Friday to do a Webinar training programme ready for the big Legal Aid changes on the 1st April – (someone needs to know what we are doing and which new forms to use and you can bet if it involves a government body it will be as complicated as they can make it)

It is now time for bed and a look at what I need to do tomorrow.  I am trying to limit my To Do list to 5 items each day – this way I keep focused and have an achievable list.

On my list is

  • another visit to Boots after work to spend my £5 off voucher on more face cream (might as well stock up on this).
  • check out prices of Dettox wipes and TCP in the pound shops and Wilkinsons.  I use the Dettox wipes at work to clean my desk, keyboard, phone and door handles every Monday to begin the week.  I like to have a clean and tidy workstation it has a calming effect on me.
  • put in a load of washing – black jeans and work wear from the cottage that has been hanging around too long.
  • take the orchid plant food to work and feed plant
  • ring my friend to see how she is this week

Tea will be –  Leek and Carrot pasties with Potatoes, Roast parsnips and peas.

Time for bed again have a good day tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Just day to day stuff…”

    1. They have now been moved to tomorrow as my better half arrived home earlier than me for once and has begun to make some Nut Roast – and I am not quibbling about this! It is so nice to have your tea made whatever it is.


  1. You have very long and busy days by the sound of it Vivien. The soup looks delicious. I haven’t had butter beans in ages. I hope you manage to get some time to yourself to do the things you WANT to do and not HAVE to do! I use my Sainsbury’s Nectar card to collect points for things I buy on Amazon, Ebay etc. It is surprising how they mount up and can be put towards buying things.


  2. Hi Vivien, I buy mostly books from Amazon and use my Nectar points. I think the points apply to everything. I go to the Nectar site first and put in my Nectar card number and then log in to Amazon from there.


    1. I never knew about that – you learn something new everyday! I am not sure I should be buying more books though at the moment – I am trying to reread what I have just like the magazines. I could use some more printer inks though as I am almost running out. Thanks for telling me about this.


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