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The Ides of March…



…otherwise known as the turning point in Roman history corresponding with the death of Caesar on the 15th March.  I am hoping this is my turning point after a rather intense month so far dealing with some very time-consuming events and the death of one or two household appliances…read on…

I feel like I have been away from my blog for so very long and it all began with the visit from my mum the week before last from the Thursday until Mothering Sunday (when we took her back home).  We had a lovely few days but my energy levels which are low because of my Thyroid problems (or my ‘no thyroid’ problems to be exact) are no match for hers – even though she is 87  – she has far more energy than me.  After tramping up and down Meadowhall shopping mall all day on the Friday it has taken me this long to fully recover.

I have had the additional problems of being well and truly hacked in my email account, so I have had to contact all my friends and relatives to warn them not to open emails from me if they look dodgy.

And if that wasn’t enough both the shower at home and the cottage have stopped working, our computer monitor came out in sympathy and also died and the ISA transfer that we authorised in February for each of us from Nationwide to the Halifax has left our money in cyberspace and we are trying to unravel the mess (once we get past all the security questions)!

 I have also had three pretty intensive training workshops at work and an audit taking place tomorrow and the usual panic has set in.

Our new monitor screen is great though I absolutely love it.  The pictures are so much clearer, but this means I will have to take better pictures.  Of course all these additional costs mount up and I have had to do a lot of overtime to try to make a bit more money to cover the expense.

Whilst I have been having some ‘me’ time in and amongst all this I realised after rereading an older daily journal that my blog had deviated away from my original intentions of just recording my everyday life as I have done for years in my handwritten journals.  I expect I wasn’t prepared for all the visits and comments that came along so quickly with blogging or the time it takes to write and publish a post that is in the very least spelt correctly.  I think having an audience is a bit scary and there is an expectation to come up with interesting posts which then becomes a bit of a burden so I feel I need to get back to writing about my days as they happen even if they are quite uneventful so I can then see if I am making progress in any direction.

Tomorrow, at work, I have to complete my online monthly submissions to the Legal Aid Agency (as it has been renamed) deal with the auditors requests and then hopefully unless they need to come in for a second day life will begin again!

On the home front I have to write and send my friend a birthday card, buy a pot of No7 face cream with my token and put a load of washing in.

Tea will be Leek and Potato soup with Butter beans and crusty bread.

How has March been for you so far?


14 thoughts on “The Ides of March…”

  1. I totally understand that need to ‘perform’ for a blog. Make it yours again – I love reading about the day-to-day stuff 🙂


  2. I agree with everyone who likes to read the day-to-day posts or about things that are really on someone’s mind rather than obviously “done for the purposes of blogging” posts, they’re far more natural.


  3. Oh goodness, it has been a stressful month. I hope the second half is easier, once the audit is out of the way! Can you get up to the cottage for a relaxing break over Easter?


  4. I was only thinking of you earlier as I hadn’t seen any posts from you! Sometimes everything seems to go wrong at the same time! Hope the rest of the month is easier for you.
    Sarah x


  5. The last few months have not been much fun for me so far like many people! I am hoping that things will improve after today (Spring Equinox) but it is so cold and gloomy. I have a cold I cannot shift and a rather unattractive coldsore on my mouth! Try not to get stressed Vivien and make some time for yourself when you are not working. x


    1. Snowing here again today – will it ever go – the novelty has worn off now – we need sunshine! Are you still taking your Vitamin D my oncologist swears by it and so do I now I have been advised to take it daily – not had a cold for a very long time (I am still touching wood though just in case!)


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