Down Memory Lane…


Today I have been surrounded by memories, special memories…so many kind words written by family and friends over the years in letters and cards;  happy stories and sad events and little everyday notes from the girls.  I have been through every emotion from tears to laughter and back again, remembering people that have been part of my past, remembering good times and bad and reliving capsule moments of my life.


I have been transported way back to my first school report (promising B’s – not sure what went wrong after that!), our first house, our first bills (I just kept our very first as a piece of history –  as we will never see these prices again – electricity £19.16 for the quarter year in 1978)  and our first baby born in 1980.

As you can guess I have been delving into my treasure boxes they are an assortment of bits and pieces that have special meaning to me and our family.  I wondered how minimalist I could go and although I have reduced the contents very slightly there are some things that I will never part with.

Birthday cards

This is one of them – a large padded birthday card the kind that came in a box and was thought of as quite lavish.  It was given to my grandma from my grandad probably in the late fifties, early sixties and has his very distinctive copperplate  handwriting inside.  Grandma died in 1992 at the grand old age of 89 and when going through her bits and pieces I discovered she had kept this card all those years so now I continue to keep it for her.

The little plaque beside it I have had since I was quite small, it is also a birthday card encouraging the recipient to ‘Carry on’ though things go wrong!  It had a place on my bedroom shelf for a long time and I would often find myself reading it if I was troubled by one problem or another.

Cup of Tea cards

These are my ‘Cup of Tea’ cards…so named because they have been sent by a good friend of mine who I do not get to see often enough.  Usually when a few weeks have gone by one of us will drop each other an invitation to come for a cuppa and a chat and we have always managed to find a card with a cup of tea on it.  We have both got quite a collection now.



Helen Hedgehog's Party

Of all the books we read to our girls when they were young this is by far their favourite, even more than Each Peach Pear Plum.  Helen Hedgehog’s Party by Wendy Wilkin  has definitely earned its place in our treasure box to be cherished until the next generation comes along.  This little book went with us everywhere; in the car to Grandmas and on holiday, wherever the girls went this book went too, like an old teddy bear, and I am pretty sure that even at thirty if I gave this to them right now they would sit down and read it!

Mugs Gallery

I have giggled my way through my concertina strip of ‘Photo Booth’ pictures.  I have been collecting and sticking them together since I was twelve when Photo Booths were quite a novelty and no trip to town with my friends was complete without dashing into ‘Woollies’ and cramming into one of these booths for a picture.

Mugs Gallery 3

It is now 4 0r 5 yards long and includes myself, friends and my better half of course from when we first got together at college and also the girls and their friends when they became teenagers and they piled into the booths in just the same way.  I call it my Mugs Gallery – they are not the perfect flattering photo album shots as you can imagine but they are hilarious to look back on and say ‘did we really look like that’?

Mugs Gallery 2

So everything is carefully packed away again for another rainy January day.  I am trying hard to limit the collection and keep only very special things.  Sometimes I wish I could be like those people who are not in the least bit sentimental and are able to throw everything away but then again after my lovely day today I am glad I am not.

(Apologies for picture quality – not that they are brilliant normally-  it has been such a dull day outside I have had to resort to flash)

10 thoughts on “Down Memory Lane…”

  1. Love this! My collection of letters, cards and other bits of paper is far too large, but like you, it has seen me through many a dreary winter day. I did the photo booth pix too – and there wasn’t even a web to post them on, LOL!


  2. It’s so hard limiting things, if you’re the kind of person who keeps bits and pieces. like you. I have the same problem exactly- so no good advice to offer, I’m afraid. Thanks for sharing your memories.


  3. Beautiful post! It does the soul good to have days reminiscing like this. I don’t throw sentimental things out…I just couldn’t! I have all school reports, even some school books, and birthday cards going back years for all the family x


    1. I would love to have a large old fashioned linen chest of drawers just to keep my memories in. My two daughters love to have a look through our keepsakes from time to time just like they love having a slide show of our old slides.


  4. I love the carry on plaque. Words can give comfort just when you need them. I still have all my wage slips from the day I started work! I have a memory box and piles of memorabilia scattered throughout the house. I would be happy to just cut it down to one box! The ‘mugs gallery’ is a wonderful idea. We didn’t have photoshop back then did we?!!!


    1. I have grown to four boxes now but two of them contain wedding day items from mine and my daughters wedding day. I have a third box for cards, letters and mementos and a fourth for reports and certificates and bits and pieces of historical interest. Oh and in addition now I have a box from my mum-in-laws house with her Treasures in which go even further back than mine. Her box includes a very precious book of memoirs hand written by my father-in-law before he died. It is really interesting and makes me think everyone should write one.


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