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A few highlights of 2012…

My Year 2012

To read the stories behind the pictures click on the titles below going from left to right down the rows;

Crisis at Christmas…

Dance me to the wedding now…

Middle Autumn Days

A Sunday stroll around Kirkbean…

Flying the flag…

60th Birthday Bash…

Secret Gardens of Winster

Five, four, three, two, one minute posts…

Bake me a cake as fast as you can…

There is no doubt 2012 was a strange old year for us but looking back at some of the pictures has reminded me that actually we did quite a lot perhaps not what we had hoped to do in terms of decorating and renovating but we did see some nice places and meet some interesting people.  It was certainly a year of celebrations with two family weddings, one or two milestone birthdays (friends not us…yet )as well as the Jubilee and Olympics.

What will 2013 hold for us – as long as we remain healthy enough to enjoy it nothing else really matters.

Now I have to get down to some hard planning and turn my thoughts into actions…so watch this space…


6 thoughts on “A few highlights of 2012…”

    1. Happy New Year too – I see you are well ahead with the planning – mine is still in progress – I am having to do a presentation on my first day back at work tomorrow and the preparation for that seems to have taken over a bit. I have finished the last bit tonight so can sleep at last and begin blogging again soon!


  1. It looks like it was a pretty good year! Thank you so much for your helpful comment on my blog re decluttering. I came to look at your post on organising the craft cupboard but couldn’t find the craft cupboard or anything similar when I looked at Ikea online. I am sure a cupboard like that would really help in my organisation!


    1. Oh so sorry Simone I have had a look too and it seems like the Effektiv range has been renamed as Gallant but it is not the same at all apart from it is office storage units. All their range is shrinking! I am glad we bought ours last year as it just fits in our corner nicely. Luckily they are still doing the Alex drawers as we have in mind to get another set because they have been so useful. Hope the decluttering goes well and you find some suitable storage.


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