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Hail the new, ye lads and lasses…

…Fa la la la la la la la…

Happy 2013

I love the beginning of a New Year it is so full of hope and promise of what is to come – new challenges to meet,  new experiences to encounter and new people coming into your life, if only for a brief moment.  Below is a photo and excerpt from my Celebrating the Year 2010 Art Journal.

Mull of Galloway

A calm New Years Day near the Mull of Galloway

“January is named after Janus the god of the doorway and is therefore the door to the year and as the New Year suggests a fresh start.  When I took this photo on New Years day I had no idea what the year ahead would hold – it is a special moment like turning to that first clean page in my new journal. For me it is the feeling that I am on a new journey, a new beginning and I wonder what will unfold before me each year; what joys and sadness are to come.  As I begin to write I am aware that each entry I make is, not only capturing a snapshot record of my day, but will become my history and treasured memories.

 The first day of January reminds me of the moment when you awaken to a fresh snowfall before any footprints have imprinted themselves into the clean, untouched covering of snow”.

Happy Birthday

January 1st is also a celebration for me as it is exactly a year since I began my blog and I must say I have loved every minute of my new pastime.  I began reading a few blogs in 2008 when I had an operation and was off work for 6 months and had plenty of time on my hands but it was only last year that I finally took the plunge and started my own.  It has been a constant surprise to me that people have even stopped to read my blog let alone follow it along and I have realised how valuable comments are in the process.  I have, over the course of the year,  discovered numerous new and interesting blogs to add to my list and have made many wonderful friends.


My word for 2013

This year I have decided that my new focus word to keep me on track will be REDUCE.  I have chosen this as it is something I need to address in all areas of my life.  I cannot Simplify without Reducing – one goes with the other.  So the time has come to explore this seriously.

I am not sure I can live with only 50 possessions nor survive on as little as £1 a day or even claim to produce a mere one bin bag of rubbish over the coming year but every area of my life will be examined and measures taken to drastically cut such things as spending, waste, possessions and rubbish.

To log my journey of reduction in all things I have decided that a separate blog is necessary and anyone who wants to link through to follow this can do so below or from the sidebar.

As this blog is named ‘Where the Journey Takes Me’ and is a journal of my daily life in general and will continue in this manner I thought my new blog which is taking me in a definite new direction should be called ‘Re-routed’

I would love you to follow along with me and I always welcome plenty of comments and advice especially from anyone who is perhaps one step ahead of me.

I wish everyone a Happy 2013 and I look forward to reading about all the wonderful plans being made.


5 thoughts on “Hail the new, ye lads and lasses…”

  1. Happy 1st Blogging birthday, I have enjoyed reading your blog since we met and have become blogging friends.Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I will be following on your new blog too. I have choosen 2 words for this year LIGHTEN and TREASURE.
    Sarah x


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