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Shock and horror…

I heard the news last night…the sad story of the mother who lost her two little boys in a crash on the M6 on Christmas Day.  My heart goes out to the family.

I also heard the unbelievable story of how 4 million shoppers have managed to spend a total of almost 3 billion pounds on Boxing Day at the sales.

Madness or what?

I cannot even find the words to express how I feel about this but I do know I don’t want to be part of it and it makes me even more determined to pull out of this consumer society.

I am at present using this free time to think carefully about my goals for next year and the life I want to lead in the future and will no doubt be posting about both shortly.

Hope you have all had a good Christmas – I will tell you the story of mine in my next post although we still have another Christmas Day to celebrate on Friday with our two girls and their partners.

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