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Troll the ancient Yule tide carol…

…Fa la la la la la la la la…

I love the old English word Yule or Yuletide which originates from the religious festival observed by the Germanic people and has been absorbed into the Christian festival of Christmas.  The haunting medieval Carols are my favourite and the one playing is Ecco quod natura – ‘Behold nature changes’.

This is certainly true at the moment when I wake in a morning to a blanket of white frost fallen on the world outside.  As the sun rises and warms the frozen earth the frost glistens and ice melts.  When I return home in the evening the sky is inky black lit not only by natures twinkling stars but a host of man-made Christmas lights all competing for attention; flashing, twinkling, strobing…

Our new lights outside seem to have a mind of their own and each night when the timer kicks in it seems to reset itself to a different pattern of which there are eight to choose.  I prefer the ‘Steady on’ mode to which it is set, but on arriving home tonight to my horror they were on ‘strobing flash’ and last night it was ‘slow fade in and out’.  Must be made in China!

Sitting here in the warmth with a glow from the fire sipping hot cocoa and looking forward to snuggling down in bed tonight with a good book while outside the cold night air is transforming the landscape once again.  It is such a magical time of year.

Not everyone has the luxury or privilege of this warmth and protection our homes offer us and  the video below playing O Holy Night has images of a different side of life. My thoughts reach out to all the homeless people out there in this weather – I pass them in our subway in a morning and I could never walk past without giving some change and I always feel I should be doing more to help.

Last night I wrote my yearly newsletter to insert into the cards for certain friends who like to receive an update (I don’t impose them on everyone!)  It is amazing how quickly the year has gone and I thought at first that nothing much had happened until I started to write, and then I found that in fact we had done quite a lot and been incredibly busy.  So I think to myself that crafting a simpler life is going to be harder than I first imagined.

2 thoughts on “Troll the ancient Yule tide carol…”

  1. This year has passed so very quickly. It seems we are encouraged to think ahead all the time rather than living in the moment. The January issue of Country Living is out with a very non festive picture on the cover. I expect that the valentines cards and Easter Eggs will soon be out in the shops! I like to have my Christmas tree lights on the steady on mode but we have 3 different sets on the tree which all have varying patterns that seem to reset when plugged in! I have enjoyed looking at the frosty landscape but being out in it without a choice is a different matter.


  2. You have a good heart. I too think of those in need. It’s a fine line between enjoying what you have and feeling bad that others don’t have it.

    I love your new banner and background color. Lovely.


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