Don we now our gay apparel…


… Fa la la, la la la, la la la…

I captured these pictures last year when Santa and his little Elf helpers visited the village of Masham in North Yorkshire.  I remember as a child dressing up as an angel in a white silk floor length nightdress with silver wings edged in feathery duck down for the school Nativity play, singing Hark the Herald Angels sing (and probably off key) to an audience of adoring mums.  Even now I love to dress up and stored away in our loft is a whole wardrobe of fancy dress costumes that I have made over the years from Donald Duck to Miss Elizabeth Bennett just waiting for another party to go to.  My younger daughter has inherited my passion and has the whole village joining in on Christmas Eve at her local pub including her boss.

My actual Christmas Day outfit for our Care Home Christmas will be a little more sober but I might just have a Christmas Santa hat or halo to finish it off!

As I have spent nearly all evening on the phone arranging and rearranging our Christmas get together on Sunday I am beginning to think that booking a conference call with all of us would have been a much quicker way to finalise the details – and how is it I have become the ‘organiser’ anyway?  My better half is away tonight in Hemel Hempstead and will be sitting in his hotel room by the phone wondering why he cannot get through all night.

I will hopefully have time to write a few more cards including my daughter’s birthday card for posting tomorrow and then it is definitely cocoa and bed.


Little Elves

I will have to make up lost time tomorrow night – only 14 more days to go and I have more than 14 jobs left to do!




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