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Deck the halls with boughs of Holly…


…Fa la la Fa la la Fa la la…

Tonight I have been sitting beside the fire writing Christmas Cards  – all the ones that have to be posted.  Tomorrow I will do our short Christmas news letter for certain friends who like an update and then I will post them on Friday.   I have already received my first Christmas card from a very organised friend (who is retired I should add!)  As I am a working girl I think I deserve a little more time to do mine.

I have been Holly spotting as I drive to and from work in my car and the only place I have seen any Holly, complete with plump red berries,  is very high up on a tree where it would be too difficult to reach. At this time of year I ride around with my secateurs in the glove box just in case.

Brrr…it was so cold this morning that I could not open my car doors and in the end I had to resort to getting my hairdryer and the extension cable to warm up the car a little. It did the trick nicely even if I did look a little strange giving my car a blow dry!

Tomorrow is Bernard’s funeral at 2pm so I have booked a half day off in the afternoon.  I was glad I didn’t have to rush to pick him up today – I would have been concerned if he had ventured out onto the treacherously icy pavements.

I can tell it is getting close to Christmas because certain household items are beginning to break down.  First it was the Burglar alarm that began to make strange noises and we have had to abandon it for now, then the oven has started to trip the main switch when we cook anything over 170C and now the shower screen door is beginning to squeak and groan and we cannot replace the little plastic ball bearing runners as the manufacturer is no longer in business.  Most of these items are quite old now but I do not want to have to replace them before Christmas.  I am hoping that as they say things happen in threes that this will be my quota done.

Oh and I have had my hair cut ready for Christmas so another job off the list – as it is almost winter and particularly cold tonight I decided to only have a good inch taken off otherwise I might feel a little chilly.

Now where did I put tomorrows ‘what to do’ list?  Only 19 days to go…

9 thoughts on “Deck the halls with boughs of Holly…”

  1. Oh door I hope all the mishaps have now happened. One year our cooker broke down a week before Christmas and we were very lucky that they managed to get out and sort it out,but it was a close thing. Thinking of you at Bernard’s funeral..
    Sarah x


  2. I can’t believe I have missed so many of your posts! I have a lot of catching up to do! I am sad to hear about your friend Bernard. This can be a very upsetting time of year. The birds seem to be extra berry hungry this year and have almost stripped the pyrancanta bare!


  3. Well I just had to come and visit you after your lovely message at my place – and I’m so pleased to meet you. So far this autumn, I am one dishwasher and the old (big) oven down. I am considering refusing to cook the Christmas dinner unless I get a replacement for at least one of these items – am I unreasonable?


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