Let the Countdown to Christmas Begin…

It is finally here the 1st of December and I am now officially excited.  Below is an extract from my Celebrating the Year 2009 Art Journal.


“What could be more magical than the month of December?

It has everything that is warm and comforting and familiar, and it is the month more than any other that brings families together.

To curl up by the fireside in the flickering candlelight on a cold dark evening, with the sound of Christmas Carols playing in the background and a hot drink, and book in hand is sheer bliss for me.

Christmas is not just the day itself but the time spent in preparation and anticipation that makes it so special.

We bring light and life into our homes with decorations that sparkle and reflect not only the winter colours, but a part of ourselves.  Each decoration we unpack holds a treasured memory of a previous Christmas.

The scent of spices and baking fill the air and we spend time writing cards to remember all those family and friends dear to us.

As I wrap each present and write each card it is with the love and friendship of giving.

For me this is the time to stay in and enjoy our homes.”

I hope you are all as excited as I am – tomorrow I am having a bonding day with my two daughters at the Harrogate Country Living Craft Fair.  What is your favourite part of December?

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7 thoughts on “Let the Countdown to Christmas Begin…

  1. A beautiful post celebrating December, I couldn’t have put it so well! I’m sure you will have a wonderful time at the Country Living Craft Fair. I had every intention of getting to the London one but unfortunately work commitments got in the way.
    Sarah x


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