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To Bernard…

I made a new friend this year his name was Bernard.  He was the sweetest elderly gentleman and would have been 89 on Christmas Eve but sadly Bernard died on Tuesday after a short spell in hospital.  It was a pleasure to have known him and we had such great chats on a Monday and Thursday morning when I gave him a lift into town on my way to work – I will miss him very much.

Bernard was a man of routine and habit and even as his health began to decline over the last few weeks he stuck rigidly to his timetable of going for the bus to go shopping in Sainsbury’s in town at 8 o’clock in the morning (there are only three buses a day to town on this particular route!) until one Monday morning a couple of weeks ago when he was quite unwell.

As I pass by the bus shelter where he used to wait I still look inside as I pass expecting him to be there waiting for me.  I now call it Bernard’s Bus Shelter but it looks a little empty of late.  Rest in Peace Bernard.

7 thoughts on “To Bernard…”

    1. The good thing is I have made a new friend in his neighbour Kathleen who is a lovely caring lady and has known Bernard for 27 years – we have become good ‘phone’ friends over the last 3 weeks as we have co-ordinated the hospital visiting between us when his family could not get. I will be able to meet her in person at the funeral and we are going for a coffee together in town one day. Although she is a lot older than me (76) we have a lot in common and I am looking forward to seeing her.


  1. So sad to hear the news about Bernard but your friendship will have enhanced both of your lives.How nice that your memories of him will be shared with Kathleen too.
    Sarah x


    1. Thank you for the kind words – it would have been nice to celebrate Bernard’s 89th birthday he was looking forward to the milestone but it was not to be. However he did tell me he had had a good life and was well travelled – over 40 countries visited it has made me think about what is important and what is not.


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