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My visit to Teeside Part 3…


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On Sunday we went home via Saltburn on the East Coast– it is one of my favourite places even on a dull November day and even though it was bitterly cold there were plenty of people enjoying the day.  My pictures are not wonderful but I hope it gives you an idea of the place – it has that great down to earth Northern feel.


It has everything a good old-fashioned English seaside town should have; a Promenade with Beach Huts, a Pier with Amusement Arcade, a Cliff Lift to get you up and down the steep slope, a Fish and Chip shop and Beach Café.


We took the lift to the top of the Cliff where we discovered the delightful Yarn Bombing as I think it is called – a knitted Jubilee scene draped along the handrails.  The one in the nude is supposed to be Prince Harry I am informed.


The town centre which is rather shabby chic in character was fairly quiet with few shops open but there are one or two interesting little corners.


All too soon it was time to head off back home and after warming ourselves with a mug of hot chocolate in the Beach Café we were on the road again.


12 thoughts on “My visit to Teeside Part 3…”

  1. The pictures are great but boy, it does look cold! Love the cliff lift, superb views of the beach from up there. I learn so much from your blog, about places I’ve never visited. I feel a long weekend coming on… when it gets warmer!


      1. And I’m shivering right down at the bottom end of the country today..

        When you’ve got a moment, could you let me know how you got the gallery to work? I’ve been trying for ages today, imported a plugin but that didn’t work either. Any tips gratefully received!


        1. It isn’t any warmer up this end!!

          I will have to run through the gallery program myself and then write down the instructions – I kind of stumbled upon it – isn’t that always the way. I will try and do it as soon as I can and perhaps do a post. Watch this space as they say.


  2. Thank you for the tour of Saltburn. It does look mighty chilly there! I love the views you have taken looking down on the lift below. A mug of hot chocolate sounds like a good thing before your journey home.


  3. I adore Saltburn and this year was the first year I had ever visited.We went both in may and again in september when we stayed in Whitby and it was so lovely.


  4. Thank you for taking us around Saltburn. I haven’t been to the North East so it is interesting to see it.It looks a lovely old fashioned sea resort and you can even win Sooty in the Amusements!
    Sarah x


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