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Middle Autumn Days…

‘Sometimes in the middle autumn days,
The windless days when the swallows have flown,
And the sere elms brood in the mist,
Each tree a being, rapt, alone’

George Orwell

We headed up to Scotland last weekend on a flying visit.  We had no agenda this weekend in fact we had ‘lost the plot’ a little as it is a while since our last visit but it is always good to get away and I am like an excited child waiting to catch a glimpse of the sea.  I especially love this time of year it is so peaceful and quiet – when we woke on Saturday morning the sun shone brilliantly beckoning me into the garden to do a little late weeding.

As I wandered around checking the beds and plants I noticed the once colourful Jubilee bunting that fluttered all Summer between the trees had now been torn away from its anchorage by the recent high winds and lay lifelessly draped over the fading Rosa Rugosa bushes like a symbolic memento of a year so full of celebration that is sadly coming to an end.

Whilst part of the garden is in decline there were unexpected surprises at every turn.  The Nasturtiums continue to grow and flower adding vivid spots of colour here and there…

as do the pretty little deep purple Salvias that give off the most delightful sage smell as you brush by…

and what is this Primula doing already in flower?

…and my problem pond – although full of Sycamore leaves and Pine needles it is for once absolutely crystal clear and Algae free.

After a late lunch we drove up through the North Rhins (we are in the South) to the top of the Peninsula – the sky was a magnificent deep blue usually found on a Summers day.  These are boats taken out of the water for maintenance work on Wig Bay – I always think they look quite majestic with their tall masts.

Equally majestic is the stunning Cow Parsley like a guard of honour lining the grass verges on either side of the narrow lanes.

I love the red corrugated tin clad farm buildings in this area contrasting with the green surroundings and the blue sky.

When dusk begins to descend the whole place takes on a sombre mood with the varying shades of grey against a cool silvery sea – this picture is looking along the shore to the village – a more wintry feeling is certainly closing in – the long sweeping beach is gradually being covered by seaweed tossed around by a turbulent sea.

And all too soon our weekend was over and we set off back to ‘busyland’ across the border!

I hope you enjoyed your whistle-stop tour of our little cottage garden and the North Rhins in my next post I will tell you about our stop off on the way back down at the Craft Fair in the cutest village of Kirkbean.

Welcome to my new blog readers – leave me a comment and introduce yourselves when you have time.

10 thoughts on “Middle Autumn Days…”

  1. I’ve never been to Scotland. I think I would find the climate there most agreeable! Gorgeous cow parsley photo with the sheep grazing in the background. Have a lovely weekend!


    1. We are fortunate to have a mild climate down on the Mull as we benefit from the Gulf stream. Just up the road is the Botanical Garden where they grow Palm trees – it is a bit like Torquay! Have a lovely weekend too we are in Shrewsbury this weekend – hope to get some nice pictures – but I believe it is going to be cold. x


  2. Hello Viv… So pleased you stopped by and left a comment for me. Good to ‘meet’ up with a fellow Cheltonian… We are just dashing off for a weekend away in Buckinghamshire, so can’t stop long. I was fortunate to spot your comment just as I was about to switch my computer off. I’ll certainly be back to read your blog on our return… not sure if I’ll get an internet signal whilst away.

    Have a good weekend. Marion – Wales.


  3. I loved seeing the pictures of your weekend in Scotland, it must be so nice to have somewhere to escape too! The sky looks so blue against the cow parsley. it’s one of my favourite flowers and looks good even as a skeleton. It’s nice to see plants still out in the garden, the colour of your salvia is lovely. Hope you have a good weekend!
    Sarah x


    1. It was quite unexpected weather last weekend – we are away again this weekend – I need to do some serious blog catch up when I get back both reading and posting – where does the time go? Have a good weekend too. x


  4. Really enjoyed the tour of your garden. And the west coast of course, beautiful as ever. You’re so lucky to have a place up there.
    It is going to be cold this weekend. Wrap up warm!


  5. Thank you for dropping in. Lovely photographs of Scotland that you have it is indeed a beautiful part of the world, I particularly like the cow parsley image
    Best wishes


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