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The Healthy Eating Challenge – September update…

Target Date:     31st December 2012

Target Weight:    8st 12lbs (without clothes)

Target waist measurement:     28″

Starting Weight:    9st 5lbs (without clothes)

Starting Waist Measurement:   33″ (yes you have read that correctly!)


 Target for 30th September 2012: 

Lose 1lb (this will be measured by staying 1lb lighter for more than 7 consecutive days)

This was a mini target for this month to allow for research and implementing ideas

How did I do?

Major Achievements: 

eating an apple a day for my morning snack

drinking only water at work

avoiding cakes and biscuits at work – almost (see below!)

eating less food for evening meal on a smaller plate

taking daily supplements and Flaxseeds

Teeny Weeny Temptations:

I Chocolate Mini Roll (at home – bought to cheer husband up)

I packet of Chocolate Raisins (from Macmillan box at work)

1 tiny party plate of crisps, cheese and french bread (birthday treat at work)

1 Afternoon tea with jam and cream Scone and Trifle (at John Lewis)

Could do better:

Increasing my steps at work – getting up and going to see people rather than email – I have made a conscious effort but not quite good enough


(not got off the ground yet)

An evening walk


Lots more sleep

Choosing new recipes

Preparing and taking lunches and planned snacks to work

And now the measurements…

Weight as of 1st October:  9st 3lb (yes yes yes I did it 🙂 )

Waist measurement: no change at 33″ (sigh! 😦 )

All in all not a bad result – I have been consistently at 9st 3lb either just over at 9.36 or just under at 9.28 now for the last seven days so I think I can claim a small victory here and really that has been achieved without too much hardship – it is notable though that these little changes have had a desired effect.

The Difficulties

My draw backs have definitely been that I really haven’t had the time to spend on my challenge and I am hoping when we are back to normal life at our house (when daughter and partner return to theirs – getting closer!) I will have more time to spend on myself. 

Work is pretty manic too at the moment my colleague on long term sick now awaiting radiotherapy and her second op in January and my helper off sick this week too!  So I have been holding the fort on my own and I am absolutely worn out this week.

My Teeny Weeny Temptations are obviously when I am either at work or out and about rather than when at home – it is easy to see the pattern when it is documented like this.

The Positives

As you can see from my NGOTGY section I have plenty of work to do to implement the changes I set for myself last month but after doing this challenge over the last few weeks I realise that it is the small and simple changes that are lasting.  The ‘apple’ as I have said before has become my symbol for this challenge and I cannot imagine walking out of the house in the morning without it  – it would be like going out without my keys or my bag.  I automatically reach for my supplements before getting my breakfast and I am so used to drinking water now that my colleagues do not even ask if I want a cup of tea, however, I will be re-introducing a herb or green tea to my list as this is quite a healthy drink.


The Next Steps

So from what I have learnt already I have decided to introduce each new challenge more gradually and break each one down into a smaller task than I had first planned.  So my next task this week is to spend time sifting through all my recipes and make myself a folder of snacks, lunches and meals that are easy to prepare, low on calories and high on nutritional value.  From this I will make some kind of menu plan and then a shopping list and then implement the changes starting with lunches for work.  The reason for choosing this first is that when I buy my lunch I have no idea of the content or calorific value.  I suspect that the soup I get from the local sandwich shop, although homemade, is laced with fats, fresh cream and salt – homemade would be much better.

On the Yoga front – I have photocopied some of the Asanas that I wish to work on with a view to laminating these as A5 cards to stick to the wall.  As my only real space for such exercise is in the living room and I do not feel I can contort myself into weird and wonderful positions in full view of my future son-in-law I will have to wait until I can have a little more privacy in the house.

 If I manage to get more sleep that will be a bonus and I will make an effort to set a limit of going to bed before midnight but this will not be a focus this week.  I am expecting that when we are back to the two of us the cooking and washing up marathon that I have now will ease and we will be able to eat much earlier giving me my evenings back.

The October Challenge

I set myself the goal of losing 2lbs for this month so I would then reach a Target Weight of 9st 2lb by October 31st (which has to be fairly consistent for 7 consecutive days to qualify).  As I have dropped more than I thought for September I have a little slack here and am already ahead.  It will be interesting to see if the changes I have already made and adhered to keep my weight constant and when I implement my next tasks how much impact they have.  Wish me luck!

PS  For more ideas have a look over at Laura’s site movetoportugal – I noticed this week she too is setting herself a few targets to lose weight.  I wish you well Laura – I am looking for good ideas so will be following along with you.

11 thoughts on “The Healthy Eating Challenge – September update…”

  1. Great job! You are making lasting changes. I like how you allow a week to “verify” if you have lost a lb. I notice my weight can go up and down by as much as 2.5 lb from one day to the next! Your “program” seems to be all about long-term healthy living. Excellent!


    1. Mine fluctuates about 1lb so leaving it a week gives me some idea – I expect if I eat the wrong things that 1lb is easily put back on though. Perhaps when I put the next stage of my plan into action it will not be quite as close to the edge of ending up back where I started should I lapse!


  2. Well done on reaching your target! From a personal viewpoint I would find it easier to lose a lot of weight initially and then have a smaller target of weight to lose each month rather than scaling up the weight loss over the coming months. What you are doing works for you though. With regards to your waist measurement remaining unchanged have you considered using a hulu hoop? I don’t know if it would work but I am sure it would be fun!!!


    1. Hi Simone
      I know what you mean but the main reason I have chosen to do it this way is to
      a) to track what small changes help and what do not and
      b) I am having to implement changes in a small way because of my pressured life at the moment. If I had to lose a lot of weight initially it would need far more commitment (and willpower) than I have the time or energy to give right now.
      But I think most people would find it easier to do it your way. And I will borrow my daughters Hoola Hoop if she still has it (great idea)- but again it is not something I would want to begin until I have a more private space available in the house! (moving out is imminent – so I am informed – but it has been imminent for the last 4 weekends!!)


  3. Congratulations on doing so well in your first month. I am trying to follow you too. I lost 2lbs too but I need to try and fit some exercise in during the week and watch carefully what I am eating but sometimes it can go back on so quickly. Good luck for this month too.
    Sarah x


  4. Well done so far. You’re making great long term changes to your diet and not rushing things…something I find hard. I try to hurry things along (by making too many changes at once) and then every goes wrong!

    I must stop going on the scales everyday as my weight can move 2/3lbs over a week.

    Thank you so much for the shout out/support..I really need it! This week has been okay for me – so far 3 good days/2 not so good – hopefully I’ll still lose.

    Good luck for the rest of the month 🙂


  5. Just wanted to say that I think the wild strawberries would do very well in woodland. I am planning to plant them beneath a wooded, shaded area at the back of my garden. I think they are so pretty – I want to grow them everywhere!!!


  6. I appreciate the way you do things so systematically well and especially doing a diet regimen monitored at regular time intervals. This is only possible (and please don’t think I will use ‘willpower’ for that connotes a little bit of trying hard) if it is motivated by great interest in your physical and mental well-being. It was said that sound mind thrives in a sound body. With the way you are doing it, I can see that you will be celebrating victory very soon. I shall be happy to celebrate with you on that day. Congratulations for doing a healthy life.


  7. Well done and good luck for October – I’m trying to lose a few pounds before my holiday at the end of October- I’ve been trying to decrease my food intake and increase my exercise for the past 5 weeks! I like how you’re really taking your time and I expect by doing that you’ll keep the weight off.


    1. Hi Jay- Thanks for your comment – this is why I love blogging when someone new pops up and leaves a comment and I discover a whole new blog I haven’t seen before – I had a quick peek at your blog and I will be back over soon for a longer browse – in the short time I had to read one or two of your posts I could sense some similarities to my own life – like the length of time it has taken to get your house nearly finished! I love the cricket picture but have never followed cricket at all – I have a passion for those quaint little green huts they all seem to have and I would certainly love the ‘Teas’ they serve during the game – very civilised and British! Hope to chat some more – Viv


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