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60th Birthday Bash…

The Error Horror

Last night we went to a 60th Birthday Party of a dear friend of mine who also happens to be my boss at work!  I was sure I already had a card with 60 on it but when I came to find it in my card box – I was mistaken and to my horror it had a great big 50 on it!!!

The Idea

However, all was not lost as I decided there was nothing to it but to get out my crafting tools and make one.  It has given me chance to use my newly acquired Vintage Numbers stamp set that I bought as a present to myself from Paperchase.  They really are wonderful to use and although I thought pricey at the time the quality of the stamp is very precise and nice to work with.  The set comes with a pad of black ink.

The Task

As I only had 30 minutes to come up with a finished product I had to keep to something very simple.  So after a bit of a play around I settled on stamping the 6 ad 0 different ways on a piece of white card.  I then cropped close in to the print keeping it a good square shape, then mounted this onto black card just slightly bigger to give it a finished edge and then mounted the whole thing centrally onto a bright purple card and voila!

The Finished product

I thought it was quite in keeping both with his party invite which was done in that ‘Ransom Note’ style and the dress code which was ‘Bright’.

The Temptation

I might even be tempted now to buy the vintage letter set when I next find myself in Paperchase (which will be when we visit my mum-in-law in Shrewsbury).  When we have spent a few hours in the care home having had slightly odd and often bizarre conversations with most of the residents – my mum-in-law included, we usually bring ourselves back into the ‘real’ world by spending the last half hour in the town centre browsing in one or two of my favourite shops.

The Realisation

I am already looking forward to using my Christmas Stamp set (from Waterstones) this year for cards and having realised that there is only one week left of September I had better get some ideas set in motion for Christmas pretty soon.

Is anyone else making their own cards for Christmas and how soon do you start?

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I love to hear all your comments and suggestions if you have the time – have a good day x


10 thoughts on “60th Birthday Bash…”

  1. How clever you were to create such a great card in 30 minutes! It must have been so much better than the shop bought card! I understand where you are coming from with shopping after visiting your mother in law, I always needed a bit of light relief after visiting my Dad too.
    I need to get on the scales and weigh myself tomorrow, I think I have eaten too many pasties in the last week!
    Sarah x


    1. Our local newspaper is offering a free pastie from Greggs bakers with every copy so there may be a few more people eating too many pasties this week. We used to get them at work instead of birthday buns but thankfully that has stopped as they are hard to resist even the vegetarian ones!


  2. I think you have done a fantastic job with the card and in the short time that you had. I need to get back into my card making again but am not sure if I will make Christmas cards this year although I have done in the past.


    1. I usually do a few handmade cards and buy the rest. Our library has most of the charity cards on sale before Christmas and I do like to support them as well. I buy the very tiny square blank cards to decorate (the card on my crafts page was last years effort)and give to my colleagues at work (now almost 50 of us) and I usually set myself a deadline and if I have not managed to make any by then I go and buy some instead. I might add here that your blog has always been a source of inspiration to me – you have made some beautiful things and I like the new Flipcard setting on your blog that brings up all the pictures of the items you have made – if only I could be so productive. X


  3. The card is beautiful. I think you should go for the letter set! I was going to switch to email greetings this year after decades of sending cards in the mail, but I don’t know if I will have the heart. People adore getting a hand-written card or letter in the post.


  4. I like the card you made, very clever use of the stamps. I have a set of stamps that i want to start using. Good to hear about all your healthy lifestyle changes. There are some good reminders there. Good luck with it all and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! Heather x


  5. I design and make wedding / birth/christening stationery so come Christmas I tend to either chose a favourite photo from the year and have cards printed – and do the inserts myself….all depends on time available. I don’t have a place to work right now as the house is under improvement!!!!!!!!! We’ll get there!


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