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Ongoing work in progress…

If you find every time you venture onto my blog it looks a little different I do apologise  I am having a bit of a discovery session again – working out what all the technical stuff means and trying out different formats.

I am not sure that it will stay like this or change again and it might be modified over time but until I can find my spare 5 minutes to write my next post I thought you might like to read an amusing little tale about the Japanese Anemones over at my friends lovely blog gardening nirvana 

…it certainly made me smile and her pictures of anenomes are so much better than mine.

Back soon – hope you all have a good day – it is a bit cold and miserable here in Yorkshire x


3 thoughts on “Ongoing work in progress…”

  1. Good luck changing your blog layout. I know how much time it takes to get it just the way you want! I am popping over to your friend to read the tale of the Japanese anemones.

    Happy weekend!



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