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An apple a day…

An image of an apple

…keeps me on the right track.

The humble apple has somehow become the symbolic reminder of my Healthy Eating challenge.  Each morning I eagerly collect my organic Braeburn apple from the fridge and take it with me to work, placing it carefully on the white dish in front of me on my window ledge like it has centre stage.  I only drink chilled and filtered water all morning and then at exactly 11 o’clock (wishful thinking here) – at near enough 11 o’clock I eat said apple and feel really smug pleased with myself as my colleagues bite into their alternative snack (a calorie laden piece of cake!)  This one small act sets me up for the rest of the day and even though I may, here and there, once or twice, from time to time succumb to the temptation of an M&S Chocolate Teacake or similar I know that before lunch at least I have been extraordinarily good.

Having said all that I have still to get myself focused on my lunches (which I have bought all week) and evening meals (some good some not so) and organise a regular exercise plan.  I think that my 5 minutes allotted time is now up so further installment tomorrow when I promise I will get down to the nitty-gritty of the measurements and targets.

8 thoughts on “An apple a day…”

  1. There is no substitute to healthy diet and exercise if we are to stay healthy all the time. And if I may add: good number of sleeping hours at night and avoiding stressful situations are similarly important as well.

    I wish you good luck, good health and God bless you.


    1. I have the ‘sleeping hours’ on my list to attend to – not my strong point really – I seem to stay up far too late just finishing off a post and then regret it next day and vow never to stay up so late ever again…something else I need to do – listening to my own declarations!


    1. I think your congratulations might be a bit premature Simone – that was only the second post – not quite a habit yet and that is bad news for me! The apple is different I think I am experiencing a breakthrough moment with this – let’s hope so!


  2. Do you have a big breakfast? I just have a bowl of cereal when I get up, but when I get to work I have something substantial like a bagel and an orange…and I still have a big lunch at noon 🙂 What works for me is eating lots in the morning and no snacks after dinner at night. Different for everyone, I’m sure.


    1. I have yoghurt and fruit then cereal – is that big I am not sure? I always eat at home because as soon as I get to my desk I get bombarded with ‘can you look at this for me’ etc and would find it was lunchtime before I could get to eat anything. I have lunch at 12 noon – soup at the moment which is from my local sandwich shop freshly made but will have a good deal of cream and fat I would think. I want to switch this for salad. It is then a long stretch to our evening meal presently at 8.30pm (far too late really and I will be addressing this problem shortly!) Thanks for the good advice always appreciated.


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