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Five, four, three, two, one minute post…

I feel like I have been away ages although it was only for a long weekend.  Well as I said in one of my recent posts I am going to try a few 5 minute posts just to let you know I am still here.We had a flying visit to our cottage last weekend – we set off after work on Thursday and arrived in the early hours of Friday.  We awoke to a garden full of glorious colour – I just love the salmon pink against the vivid orange.…and here again the large Hydrangea heads just beginning to lose their colour and dry out  –  in the background the tall arching Monbrettia that grows like a weed in our garden.

It was a visit with a mission – we had a hedge to chop down…our beautiful ten foot high thirty foot long Escallonia hedge which has never recovered from the frosts two winters ago and a lot of it died.  We have chopped it down to about 15″ and now have to decide whether to take it out completely or see if it will regrow..oh decisions decisions!  Meanwhile we have a better view of the little toilet block for the caravans which adjoin our property on one side!

Even the farmer was busy ploughing the field next to our cottage.
ready to re-seed with grass for the winter cattle.  It looks wonderful when he does the second run and this gives it a fine even crumbly texture and a lovely rich brown colour.

Time for a tea break for the workers…

I have some more out and about pictures to post tomorrow and then back to the serious business of reviewing my healthy eating goals.  Back soon…

3 thoughts on “Five, four, three, two, one minute post…”

  1. You have so much colour in your cottage garden. My flowers (the few I had) faded a long time ago. I hope that your hedge recovers so you are not subject to viewing the toilet block!


    1. Well the toilet block is kind of down to earth cute if you get my drift – (it does not bother me too much but the hedge was much nicer!) – it is part of the little caravan site that adjoins our land. However, neither of these hindrances stop us from enjoying our wonderful sea view out over the bay across the other side of the garden and the garden and wood at the back are much more private. With some careful screening we won’t be able to see the obstacles but can enjoy the friendship of the caravaners.


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