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Every step you take…

Sorry for the break in transmission I just had to put my blog ‘categories’ into some kind of order before moving on – I felt they were getting out of control.  When I started my blog I really hadn’t thought about categories or paid much attention to them and then soon realised that some of my headings crossed over making it hard to choose which one to assign a mixed post to.

It is so easy to forget just where I have got to when I have a break from blogging for more than a day or so but I will start with a progress report on my Healthy Eating plan.
On September 3rd, first thing in the morning, I weighed myself and also took a note of my muscle, fat and water content that my scales measure (posh scales reduced from £59.99 to £11.99 a bargain from TK MAX 3 years ago).  I also took a waist measurement (which I won’t go into publicly!!) as this is my worst area and the one that I am hoping will trim down.  It is thirty something inches (which is as revealing as I will go) and I want to get it to 28″ even 30″ would be a massive breakthrough.  I will be posting the results in a later post.

On Thursday morning I took advantage of the free Flora Cholesterol test at my local Sainsbury’s in town (they are running it for the two weeks if you are interested).  I booked in for 8.30am so I could do a fasting test (which is more accurate) before work and then have breakfast afterwards.  I will also post the results from this later.

I found this Bamboo Serving Platter for £15.99 in Wilkinson’s Classic White tableware range and thought it would go very well with my collection of white china for parties.  As it is quite large I have now discovered that it is wider than my cupboard is deep!

So it stayed on my table for a while waiting for a home but when I went and bought the extra fruit for my healthier snacks hey presto!…  it makes a great fruit bowl!!

I have been working on breakfast this week too – I usually take some supplements in the morning.  I have to take Vitamin D as a recent blood test revealed I was very low – I also take a pro-biotic and an oil capsule and at the moment I am using up a bottle of Ginko Biloba before it goes out of date though I can’t say that I have noticed any difference whilst taking this but can’t see them go to waste – supplements are so expensive these days.  In the small container is 25ml of Aloe Vera juice (good for digestion) – and a glass of water to wash the tablets down.

As I mentioned in my last post I am switching the Sainsburys 2% fat natural yoghurt (which I prefer) for the Yeo Valley 0% fat natural yoghurt which I used to eat until they changed the packaging and for some reason it seemed to have a different texture – slightly more slimy than creamy.

So this is breakfast – I whizzed some apricots in the food processor into a puree to have with the yoghurt and weighed out the cereal which is Rude Health mixed flakes in this case, though I also like the Weetabix Oatibix Flakes (shame they don’t do organic).  I often add a bit of wheat free museli in with the flakes and I top them with a dessert spoonful of Flaxseeds and some organic soya milk.

I have been getting a list of snacks together and going by Ian Marber’s book ‘How not to get fat’ you should always eat a complex carbohydrate with a protein.  These are my favourites –

  • Banana with a few Almonds
  • Apple and a few Walnuts / Brazil nuts
  • Apple with a small piece of hard cheese
  • Chopped egg with a small amount of Mayonnaise with Salad Cress on 2 Oatcakes
  • Goats Cheese on a slice of cooked Beetroot on 2 Oatcakes
  • Edam and grated Carrot in a small wholemeal Pitta
  • Cooked Lentils mixed with chopped Tomatoes and Rocket on Oatcakes

So I feel I have dealt with breakfast and snacks and I will begin to put these into practice during next week.  Whilst I am making progress on this aspect I am going to move on and look at how I can introduce more exercise into my daily life as well as more quality sleep.

For every 10,000 steps we take we burn 400 calories.

A small hot Chocolate from Costa has about 121 Calories – so I would need to walk about 2,500 steps to burn this off.  I am not even sure how far that is but I am sure I am not going to be doing many steps sat at my desk!  So I need to think of ways to incorporate more steps which might even include less blogging.  I am of course looking to become healthier as well as a little lighter and I like the fact that I can do both at once.

Lose weight while you sleep – The Dream Diet?

There has been an increasing amount of research suggesting that good sleep and weight loss are connected or rather poor and lack of sleep leading to weight gain due to a disruption of two hormones – (just try Googling it for an explanation)

I have poor sleep since having my Thyroid removed – I wake at around 4am each morning needing to go to the loo and then cannot get back to sleep.  I should drink my cocoa earlier in the evening but always forget (I cannot break away from my cocoa drink at night – it is my Enid Blyton comfort drink before bedtime!)

I should also try to get to bed at a reasonable time and that is why I am going to set myself up to do shorter 5-10 minute posts each evening instead of these essays I seem to keep producing.  Again the health benefits can only do me good.
I am grateful for all your ideas so far and look forward to any comments you might have on exercise and sleep.

12 thoughts on “Every step you take…”

  1. Love the bamboo serving platter! Great idea for the fruit! 🙂 Mmm… Your snacks sound delicious! Makes me wish I could eat that too! I’ll be starting a vitamin session daily as well… Great idea!!


  2. Love this post! I need to put this much focus onto my health. As well as losing weight I have to take one iron tablet everyday…and I never do.
    This week I got a free health check at our local surgery and it included a cholesterol check. I’ll be interested to see the results when I get back from my hols.
    Good luck 🙂


  3. I love that you even organise your fruit into the different varieties! That serving platter is perfect for you. I really wish I had your organisational skills. I am so disorganised that I get quite depressed about it. Good luck with your health and fitness regime. I would recommend waliking as the best form of exercise. As a non driver I walk everywhere. I try to vary my walks and try walking at different speeds too.


    1. My problem is I am organised for a while and them I find my impulsive side will kick in or I get too busy to cope and I abandon my routine and end up back in chaos. My challenge is to find a way to allow my impulsive side to surface but not wreck my routine and ending up at square one again. Thanks for the exercise tip I have in mind to walk around our block for 30 mins each evening with my hubby – we used to do this until my operation and then never got back into it. At the moment until daughter and partner have moved out (should be any year now!!) we are eating far too late to then go exercising.
      PS Hadn’t realised about the fruit until you pointed it out – that must be my OCD side!


      1. I think we all back slide. It’s hard making significant changes, even when they are better for us. I find I do better by leaving the unhealthy food out of the house. I’m also learning that I’m better off focusing on what I *will* eat, and not on what I’m trying *not to eat*. Weight Watchers has been very good for me. It’s about changing your lifestyle, not about dieting.

        I love exercising and that has helped reduce my body fat and my waist measurement, both good for long term heart health. Keep up the good work.

        As for blog length, MaAnna Stephenson, the WordPress guru in my book, tipped me off to 300 word blogs as optimum. You might try that and see how it goes.

        Best, Alys


        1. I have a feeling that the exercising is going to be more key than the food side in losing any weight – I have an office job and some days I find that unless I made a conscious effort to move I could be sat at my desk all day. I need to give this some focus now – I have made a start on the ‘thinking’ (oh if only thinking were exercise I would be getting plenty!!)

          Thanks for the tip on blogging length – I am trying to get myself more organised to do this so I am not up until midnight. I definitely need my beauty sleep.


          1. I’m with you! I can be tough fitting it all in, but it is such a pleasure too. I cringe, though, when I see some of the mistakes I’m bound to make that late at night.

            When I worked in an office, I found it worked well to go straight from office to exercise, with no in between. Otherwise, forget it. It’s also key to find something you really enjoy. Otherwise it’s just a slog. I also went out and walked in the late afternoon, circling a field near my office. Instead of snacking during that late-afternoon lull, I walked, rain or shine. It also helped me over the hump at the end of the day.


    1. I will check that out on the tub – you are probably right – still I will try it again for a while with some fruit on top and depending on weight loss (or not) I can probably go back to the 2% one if it still available because Sainsburys do have a habit of suddenly withdrawing items.


  4. I’ve been surprised by the readings on my Fit BIt: I really thought I walked a lot more than I actually do! My average is 3560 steps a day: I’m going to have to bump that up to get to 10,000.

    Do you have “Greek” yogurt available there? It’s much denser consistency. I’ve also heard of draining regular yogurt in cheesecloth overnight to make it thicker, with no loss of nutrition.


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