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Sweet Summer…

Oh sweet summer stay and sleep
A liquid sun beaming today and forever
Lingering dreams and afternoons of heat
The boats adrift in the harbour.

by Wayne Jarus

This weekend I wanted to capture a little of my summer garden to bring into the house – so with scissors in hand I went outside and collected a few of my favourite flowers and herbs to make a tiny posy.   I love the soft purple and pinks against the bright green of the Lemon Balm and the deep purple of the Black Knight Buddleia.  Sadly, the summer feels as if it quickly slipping by now and I have hardly spent any time in the garden at all this year.

The project to improve the area where we store our two wheelie bins is still waiting for us to have a free Saturday but we do have a new fence now which our neighbour has replaced.

This is the ‘eyesore’ corner but we are in a dilemma because this is not the fencing we had in mind to enclose our bins.  We had thought we would buy some of the larger square heavy-duty trellis panels to match the fencing on the other side of our garden which has weathered down to a nice grey colour.  The panels that our neighbour has used is not as high and quite lightweight and also a bit ‘yellowy’ in tone at the moment but they might look better when weathered.

So do we continue with the same fencing as this which we are not as keen on or put up what we had originally thought???  I think for the whole area to look neater and not stand out too much we are going to have to buy the same fencing as this. Whatever we use we will be growing climbers up it so I don’t suppose it will matter too much.  So watch this space…I hope we can find time to get it done this year.

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Its bin a wheelie trying day


1 thought on “Sweet Summer…”

  1. I like your posy and poem and joke! When we were out for a walk at the weekend wet felt that autumn was on it’s way too. Hope you sort out your dilemma with what fencing to have by the wheelie bins.
    Sarah x


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