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Four is the new five…

Apart from not sleeping very much last night and being exceptionally tired – today went rather well.  My only miscalculation was that it was almost 4 o’clock when I began to tidy my desk, close down my computer and get my things together to leave work…big mistake… I need to begin at a quarter to four as it takes longer than I think to get everything straight and ready for tomorrow.  It still feels odd leaving closer to four than five but at the same time feels extremely good to be getting home so much earlier. Four is definitely the new five!

At lunch time I walked over to the other side of town and paid in a couple of my mum in-laws cheques at the bank that have been waiting for ages and then popped to our Building Society next door and had our savings pass-books updated with the year end interest.  I even had time to zoom across the road and get a new battery fitted in my watch.  I was back in the office within 20 minutes and minus 3 jobs taken off my task list.  I am going to start running out of errands by the end of the week at this rate!

Tomorrow I need to go to the Health Food store and pick up some supplements at lunchtime and after work I will have to do some shopping at the big Sainsbury’s.  As we are still suffering the cool weather and endless showers I am finding it difficult to get into the garden after work to tend to the pots – but just wait – no doubt because I have to go shopping tomorrow evening it will be sunny.

Below is a picture of my garden in Yorkshire that I took last Friday in the sunny border. I decided to abandon the indoor Friday Fling in favour of some outdoor weeding and pruning while the weather was good.

I love the tall spires of the deep blue Veronica and the pretty pink Sidalcea (mallow family) and dotted in amongst are the last of the gorgeous Peony flowers (Shirley Temple). When the wind blows the whole border seems to sway from side to side like a huge wave.

Our Weekend away

Last Sunday we set off at 8.30 and  travelled down to Shrewsbury to attend the big Garden Party event at my mother in law’s care home. It is a comparatively small care home catering for only 28 residents in a large old Georgian house situated just off the main town square.  All the relatives were invited to go for the day and join in the party and we were greeted with a wonderful glass of chilled Pimms full of chopped fresh fruit, deliberately made slightly on the weaker side to avoid any drunken Zimmer frame drivers later on!!!

After a brief shower the sun shone all day and we had a delightful lunch which was served in the new marquee on the lawn in their walled garden, which was awash with flowers in hanging baskets, planters and borders, some of which the residents tend to themselves if they are able.  The marquee was all laid out as if it was a wedding – with bunting, crisp white linen clothes, well polished silver and glassware and very ‘posh’ menus.

For lunch we had a mixed bowl of salad, minted baby potatoes and a home made vegetable lasagne. (For the non-vegetarians it was Wiltshire Ham or Fresh Salmon). For afters there was a choice of desserts and I had the delicious Key Lime Pie, though I was tempted by the Trio of Chocolate desserts – hard choice!They had even organised a visit from Sasha the Eagle Owl who was attracting quite a lot of attention!

The carers worked so hard all day to make sure we all had a wonderful time – it was so nice being able to spend a leisurely summer afternoon with our elderly moms or dads.

7 thoughts on “Four is the new five…”

  1. I am impressed with you getting things back on track and making good progress. I need to follow your example and evaluate my time wasters too! it’s so easy to get into a routine.of doing things inefficiently. Your mother in laws care home looks wonderful I expect they enjoyed their Garden Party in the sunshine. I lived In Shrewsbury for a few years as a child.
    Sarah x


    1. I love Shrewsbury – we even spent our honeymoon there back in the seventies in a little village called Shawbury where my husbands parents lived at the time (we borrowed their house while they were on holiday!!) We were students in those days and had very little money and no car – so we used the old bikes we found in the garage belonging to his granny and grandad and cycled 10 miles in a different direction each day. It was one of our best holidays ever. The care home is wonderful – like a hotel – and most of all mum in law is happy there, we know she is well looked after. I have had a surprisingly good week and got so much done, even at work – to say I am working a good hour less! Not sure how that can be but I am not complaining! I will be trying to stick to my new plan again next week. Have a good weekend. Viv x


  2. Your flowers are gorgeous! I guess all that rain is good for some things.

    I just fell in love with that owl. Is she as soft as she looks? I’m glad to hear your MIL gets such good care. Nice to hear.

    Well done on the errands, too.


  3. You have an incredibly nice garden and though I don’t quite understand the names of flowers you’re mentioning for the simple reason that they are not found here in the Philippines, I appreciate them very much for how they look very appealing. Just as nice is the lifestyle that looks obviously healthy aside from it being enjoyable and and boredom buster. I envy you.

    Your blog tells a lot about your personal life and I am learning a lot from the good things happening around you. I wish you good luck and good health always.


    1. Thank you for your lovely comments and how beautiful to live in the Philippines – I have never been…but maybe one day. I am not sure our lifestyle is very healthy though I strive to make it so as I long for a healthier, simpler life. Unfortunately, our circumstances at the moment make that very difficult to achieve as we have 2 elderly mums (both living 100 miles away in opposite directions), 2 houses 250 miles apart – (one we live in permanently and one is in Scotland near the beach but is a bit of a wreck that we are renovating on a non existent budget for the future), and two daughters, (one of whom is back at home with her partner for a while), and we find we have to fit in what time we have leftover for ourselves amongst all the visiting and helping – so life is stressful – and your envy may be misplaced!! You must tell us more about your home and country on your blog – your English is amazing! I will keep dropping by…


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