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Sweet Treats…

Back to work today and all my colleagues waiting eagerly for their treats which we buy when we have a birthday.  We used to buy cream buns for everyone but over the last few years with all the diets and weight watching we are more likely to choose savoury things.  As Sainsbury’s supermarket is just across the road from our office they do very well out of us all when it is a Birthday.  Not only is it the place we dash across to for cards and flowers but we then buy our treats there as well as lunches and snacks.

Sausage Rolls

For my treats I made a buffet style spread and bought 2 French Sticks, a pot of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, a box of Cherry Tomatoes(the healthy bit), some Spanish Manchego cheese, a box of mini Cornish Pasties and Sausage Rolls (2 for £2.50), 3 large bags of Red Sky different flavoured crisps(on offer), and, for the sweet toothed amongst us, a box of mini Brownies and Chocolate Crispies (2 for £2.50) which came to a grand total of £14.49.


I had intended to save some money and make my own tray bakes and cup cakes but as usual I really didn’t have the time as we spent most of Sunday shopping for outfits for our upcoming events – my niece’s party in August and my mum-in-law’s Garden Party at the care home next weekend.


I didn’t find anything much in the sales and will have to go back again to have another look next Saturday.  It is even harder trying to second guess what the weather might be like – is summer over or about to begin?


Tonight after work I did the big shop and spent another £98 (yes daughter and partner s-t-i-l-l with us – 3 weeks has now become 7 months)  – I confess not all this was food – I bought a ‘magazine’ (I know I said I wouldn’t – so just pretend you didn’t read that) and a pack of 3 tea-towels in ‘cottagey’ prints and colours to hopefully make some bunting – this may be an idea I might regret and a waste of money I didn’t really have – but I might surprise even myself so keep watching for the ‘Bunting’ post!!

I have yet to complete the menu plans for this week as we may go out tomorrow night to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel showing at our local theatre in town and eat out. I haven’t booked so I am hoping that there are still seats available – fingers crossed – if you don’t see a new post  tomorrow night you will know that we are out enjoying ourselves.




1 thought on “Sweet Treats…”

  1. Magazines are the perfect treat: no calories and they last longer than edibles. My coworkers and I have taken to ‘recycling’ our magazines with each other – we each buy one (mine is Better Homes and Gardens) every month then bring them in to share when we’re done. So for the cost of 1 magazine, we get to read 3 or 4.


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