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The nations jubilation…

What a great Jubilee Weekend – there was such an air of fun and enjoyment everywhere – Britain at its best.  On Friday we journeyed up to Scotland to our cottage for the long weekend and along the way we saw streams of bunting like you see fairy lights at Christmas – I am sure it is going to last the summer long.  I left my bunting out in my cottage garden  when we came home it seemed far to soon to take it down.

Many of the little towns and villages in the South West had organised an event of some kind.  There were street parties, Flower Festivals, Craft Fairs, Beacons at the lighthouse and a Vintage Tractor Rally procession that we accidentally found ourselves on the end of much to everyone’s amusement!  All this and the weather managed to stay sunny and warm for most of the weekend – only Sunday was cold and breezy so we took the opportunity to venture round to the other side of the bay and follow the Spring Fling artist trail – popping in on old friends and checking out their new work.

For the rest of the time I was in the garden as usual and the ‘woodland walk’ is beginning to spring into life and the rhododendron has flowered for the first time – it must be the bucket load of manure I gave it earlier this year. I love the tall spires of the foxgloves and this year they seem to have seeded quite well

  …and my copper beech tree is looking glorious in the sunshine.

It is back home now and time to get down to some serious organising, tidying and urgent budgeting.  I am so cross with myself that through shortage of time and extreme tiredness I have let things slip so much – that ever-increasing desire for Order in my life looks even more distant at the moment.  Tomorrow it is time for a review and a stock take to put me back on the right track once again.  Funny I seem to keep getting back to this point like something from the film ‘Groundhog Day’


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