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It’s bin a wheelie trying day…

We spent a bit of time working in our back garden over the last weekend trying to make it look a bit better after years of neglect.

The boundary between us and our neighbours is a bit of a  hotch-potch collection consisting of part wooden fence, part green wire netting and part hedge in places.  As the wooden fence has disintegrated over time or blown down in the strong winds we get off the Penines above us our neighbour has replaced it with the green wire netting to keep their dog safely on their side.  I have bought a number of climbers to grow along the gaps to give us a little more privacy and colour but it will take a while for them to get established.  Looking quite good so far you might think…

Further towards the house we have an area just outside our back door that is a bit of an eyesore because it is the only place we can keep the dreaded wheelie bins.  But we had plans to make this space tidier and on Saturday we popped down to Homebase to pick up a couple more paving slabs to finish off the area where the bins stand.  We will then enclose them with an ‘L’ shape of fencing panels and grow climbers up them so they are hidden from our view when we sit in the garden.  Still sounding good…

Now take special note of the evergreen hedge to the right of the picture below where the solid wooden fence panel stops, this is the only ‘before’ picture that I have because we were not expecting that…

whilst we were gone our neighbours had the whole 15 foot high  hedge removed so now we are left with this…

a very bare patch, no privacy and a great view of their bin and rubbish!

The only thing left standing is our self seeded holly bush.

Obviously this calls for more drastic measures, a rethink of our plans and probably a few fencing panels!  As much as we like our neighbours we don’t particularly like the bins!!

Watch this space!

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